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Tour of the Basque Country 2021 odds

Tour of the Basque Country 2021 will be held 5-10 april 2021. There is no odds at Tour of the Basque Country (Vuelta al País Vasco) 2021 yet, but we have already found odds at Tour of Flanders 2021 and odds at Tour de France 2021.

Who wins Tour of the Basque Country (Vuelta al País Vasco) 2021?

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Tour of Basque Country 2019

The tour of the Basque country is a professional road cycling race which held annually in Spain. The race usually begins in the first week of an April each year. The 59th edition of Basque Country is going to happen on the same date as the previous year, and the route will also remain the same without any changes. The race this year amounts to a total of 819 kilometers and has almost six stages with medium mountain surfaces. The riders will have to compete in all six stages throughout with their best time. The rider won the 2018's racing event Primož Roglič from Slovenia (Team LottoNL–Jumbo) while Mikel Landa finished in second overall, Ion Izagirre in third.  

The 2019 Route

The route of Basque country 2019 takes the amount of 819 kilometers and almost six stages. The 1st stage of the Tour of the Basque Country features five climbs and concludes with a 6.6 kilometers drop to the line. Stage 2 continues in similar vein, although the climbs are slightly less testing. Following an undulating, to hilly route, the race ends with a 6.6 kilometers descent from La Ermita de San Pelayo. To reach the hermitage, the riders climb for 4.6 kilometers.

The Tour of the Basque Country’s 3rd stage is yet another hilly affair, although the most elevation and raise gain is in the first half of the route. The last 10 kilometers are played out on bumpy terrain. For once a flat stage. The separate time trial on the 4th day of action amounts to 19.4 kilometers and is tailor-made for riders who can push a big gear. Stage 5 incorporates two races. The first half is slightly rolling and would be perfect for sprinters. The riders drop down to a compact mountain stage with three climbs in 50 kilometers. The last peak is created with 20 kilometers remaining before a decent run to a false flat run-in to the line. The final stage of the Tour of the Basque Country is as explosive as it is promising. At 122 kilometers, the route features eight climbs, and the last one is a hard toil of 3.1 kilometers with an average gradient and the last 2 kilometers to the Sanctuary of Arrate are slightly rolling.


1-    Zarautz to Zarautz (162KM) medium mountain-stage

2-    Zeratul to Bermeo (166.8KM) medium mountain-stage

3-    Bermeo to Villanueva (185KM) hilly mountain-stage

4-    Lodosa to Lodosa (19KM) time-trail stage

5-    Vitoria to Eibar (165KM) high mountain-stage

6-    Eibar to Ebar (122KM) high mountain-stage