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Faroe Islands Premier League Odds

Faroe Islands Premier League

Faroe Islands Premier League

When it comes to football, the Faroe Islands choose to follow an alternative schedule compared to most other European leagues. Their Premier League division is active throughout the summer, which is good news to many sports bettors. Because of leagues such as the Premier League in the Faroe Islands, it is always possible to find new betting opportunities in football.

What you should know about the league

Premier League is the name of the primary football division in the Faroe Islands. Most players are semi-professional in the sense that they receive a salary for their services: although not on the same level as players in other European leagues. For that reason, football is often a part-time occupation for these players.

However, that does not make the league any less interesting. The matches are exciting, despite a lower level. It is not rare to find high scoring matches from the Faroe Islands, and tactical defensive matches also happen with a regular occurrence.

The Faroese Premier League has 10 clubs. One will be crowned champion, while two teams will be relegated at the end of the season. Meanwhile, two new clubs arrive, and naturally this creates a bit of new variance ahead of each upcoming season.

Most players in the league are of Faroese nationality. The league has a bit of Danish influence: the main reason being that the level of football was improved quite drastically when former Ballon d’Or Allan Simonsen took the manager position for the national team of the Faroe Islands.

Betting on the Faroese Premier League

Just like any other football league, it is possible to make bets on the matches. We compare the best odds to give you an extra edge. The Faroese Premier League is a particularly good league to bet on - namely for the reason that they play throughout the summer. Most bettors are forced to take a break when they specialize on the big leagues in England, Spain, Italy and so on. By focusing on an alternate league such as the Faroese, you will also have strong betting opportunities in June and July.