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World Handball Championship 2019

Who wins the World Handball Championship 2019?

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The 2019 World Men’s Handball Championship will be jointly organized by the Deutscher Handball Bund (DHB) and the Dansk Håndbold Forbund (DHF). The German team will be playing their introductory round in Berlin and if they succeed in their qualifying match, they will then move to Cologne for the succeeding match. The first round without the Germans participating in it, will take place in the city of Munich, while the semi-finals will take place in the city of Hamburg. The co-host (Danish) has chosen the cities of Herning and Copenhagen as their special venues where the 2019 Men’s International Handball Championship will be showcased in Denmark.

The championship is going to set a very high standard for sport as the host nations are very eager to showcase their many innovational ideas. The two host countries are well experienced in organizing special events like this, and are doing all their best to face all the many challenges that will come with it. However, without doubt, all fans around the world are sure to really enjoy the 2019 Men’s World handball championship which will be hosted by these two great nations.


The 2019 Men’s World Handball championship is going to get played in a very different tournament style than usual. These changes includes the following: The first four round groups will comprise of six teams each. Then out of these teams, twelve teams will proceed to the upcoming final rounds. These teams will be divided into two categories of six teams. The four teams that come out successful will then proceed to the semi-finals. The clear setting of the tournament and the possibility of simplifying the whole setting of the tournament is going to assure a very easy process at all the venues. Not only will the teams benefit greatly from this format, but also the local organizers, the media, and all the fans all around the world.

Denmark and Germany are to host the 2019 World Men’s handball championship together. These venues were decided in a meeting which was held by the International Handball Federation in Doha. On the other hand, however, Japan will be hosting the 2019 World Women's Handball Championship. On Monday, The IHF (International Handball Federation) awarded Germany and Denmark with the honor of hosting its 2019 Men’s world championship. The preliminary game of the men's tournament will take place in Berlin; while the finals will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.


However, for the Germans, this will be their sixth time of hosting the men’s handball at the world level. They had a great victory in 2007 when they hosted the play, but since that victory, they have been struggling to win at the European and Olympic level but all to no avail.

The German national team in January 2012, suffered a terrible double blow of defeat to Poland and that got them disqualified from the European Championship and all the efforts they made to qualify for the London Olympics were dashed. However, the 2019 World Men’s Handball Championship offers yet another great opportunity for them to get back on their feet.