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The Boat Race 2019 Odds

Who wins the University Boat Race 2019?

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No Odds Right Now1.001.00

Since 1829, but as of 1856 annually, Oxford and Cambridge are traditionally competing in university boat race, in what is considered one of the longest traditions in the history of modern sport, not only in Great Britain but also the world. It is held in London on the river Themes annually and has since been hosted 162 times. Cambridge is considered to be the successful team, winning 82 times, compared to 79 times which Oxford won. During the First and Second World war the race was not held, which was the only time in race's history that the competition did not take place.

After three wins in a row by Oxford, Cambridge managed to outcome their challenge and win the 2016 race by quite a margin. It is interesting that both teams share similar colors. Dark blue is worn by Oxford, while Cambridge hold more light versions. The race is about 6.8km long and the longest distance for the winning side was 35 lengths, while the closest finish came in 2003, when just one foot determined the winner.

The race was formed by two friends from two universities back in 1829 and that has since become a tradition. They race in eight-placed kayaks and it is amazing that only one race ended in a draw, since it was impossible to determine which team managed to get through the goal-line first. The size of the event can be understood by the fact that more than 150.000 people traditionally gather around the river to watch the race. The race is traditionally completed in about 17 to 20 minutes, depending on the weather. The best result however was the 1998 Cambridge’s win by 16 minutes and 18 seconds.

The magnitude of this event can also be shown in the fact that the United States have also a rowing race in their universities. Yale and Harvard traditionally take on each other as well, but the race is pretty much in the shadow of the Britain’s race. The colors are also different, as Yale rows in blue uniforms and Harvard in reds’.