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Serie A Winner

Who wins the Serie A 2021/2022?

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Serie A 2021-22

On the day I am writing this, Inter have won the title for the first time since 2010 and have dethroned Juventus of the Scudetto for the first time since 2011. This is their 19th league title win. Its been a season full of surprises with the possibility of Juventus not even reaching the Champions League through a top 4 finish and a season of resurgence for AC Milan until their title charge fell apart half way through the season. Down the other end of the table, already relegated Crotone who are on 18 points, just avoiding defeat on 8 separate occasions have a top goalscorer with 19 goals in Simeone Nwankwo.

Moving onto next season, the summer transfer window will determine how successful the next campaign will be for the majority. For champions, Inter Milan, they need to keep together the core/most important players, however, it would be stupid to think clubs are not going to be swarming like piranhas for their players. Their players will want promises of a successful European campaign next season, especially for players like Romelu Lukaku who are in their prime. Lukaku is already understandably receiving plenty of interest, one being from Thomas Tuchel who would like him to return to Stamford Bridge, unfortunately for Tuchel, the Chelsea board would prefer Haaland.

For Juventus, they need improvements. Im sure, despite his glorious, colourful playing career, many expected Andrea Pirlo’s start to management not too be so great and that came true. Juventus have not finished below 1st since 2011 and so this will be bitterly disappointing, if the table remains the same, for all involved if Pirlo leads Juve to their worst finish in 9 years. Luckily for them, it looks as though Ronaldo will be staying put, along with their other crucial players. The real question is, do Juventus want to continue with Pirlo and give him the chance and time to develop as a coach; or will they pull the plug and go for a more short-term option with a higher chance of immediate silverware.

In the last few days, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has signed a new contract extension for Milan and so their top goalscorer will be remaining for at least another year on a 6-million-euro deal. If they are to make a title charge next season, they need to tighten up on the defensive side of things as they concede far too many sloppy, unforced goals which have negatively impacted them throughout the whole season.

Parma had the potential to have a great season and in fairness have not been as bad as the table suggests. Sat in 19th and practically relegated, they have rarely been washed to the side and their main problem is their goalkeeper, Luigi Sepe, who has by far the worst save percentage in the league and without keeper issues, Parma could’ve moved a few positions up the table.