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Premier League Title Odds

Who wins Premier League 2018/2019?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

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This season is one of the most exciting in the history of premier league. We are just a few rounds away from the finish and surely, nobody could predict that the league table would look like as it does. Not even the hardcore Leicester fans hoped that their team would be just a few points from securing the top. Maybe they had dreams of playing in Europe this season but even the most optimistic surely didn’t believe they would be so close to win the title. Just six rounds before we find out who will be the new champion Leicester has a seven point advantage compared to the Tottenham which is in second place. There is three more games for Leicester to play at home and three away. There will be challenges and exciting, tough games for the underdog title pretendants. They will have to face Manchester UTD at Old Trafford and Chelsea at Stamford bridge but taken into account all the surprises they pulled out this season it is not impossible to imagine that they will win or at least get some important points from these matches. At home their schedule is a bit easier. They will face West Ham, Swansea and Everton but the main opponent with the title in sight will be the pressure.

And who would have even thought that it will be those two teams fighting for the title. City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool all seemed by far better candidates to put money on at the start of the season, but these giants are struggling in the middle and not all of them have even yet secured participation in European cups next season.

At the start of the season the odds for Leicester winning the championship were 5000 to 1. Meaning that if you only put 10 Euros or Pounds you would be hoping for 50 000 now. If you knew how to get a free bet bonus with a Ladbrokes promo code, you could have been a reach man. With up to 50 Pounds of free bet bonus put on Leicester at the beginning of the season you would win 250 000 if they win the race in the end. The same goes for the best scorer competition. Harry Kane is in front and the starting odd were 250 to 1. Well, you do the math. Surely, we are speaking about life-changing sum of money even for the fairly small bets. So you shouldn’t miss this opportunity next season. A small investment now can bring you a lot at the end of next year. If you prefer, put your money on favorites but find out how to get a free bet bonus with a Ladbrokes promo code and put that money on a possible underdog, then “forget” about it. It can be a nice surprise at the end of the next season and surely it will be an exciting one.