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Premier League outright odds

Who wins Premier League 2021/2022?

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Who wins Premier League 2021/2022?

In the English Premier League, the situation is so complicated and the teams are so equal that is almost "impossible" to predict anything. Of course, some teams are already seen as relegated others in the title race but this is a league where anything is possible. Manchester City looked so dominant last season that it is simply impossible to imagine that someone can take them off the first place. At the same time, Liverpool do not look like themselves, they are not as convincing as before, they lose more often. So, Manchester City is the first favorite to lift the cup. If we go further about the forecasts, the bookmakers even think that City is closer to defending the title than other teams are to winning it. New European champions Chelsea with Thomas Tuchel as manager showed at the end of 2020/21 season that they are very serious and dangerous team and they are considered as second favorite for winning the Premier League. Liverpool after they had very very bad season are considered as third favorite for winning the league. The 2nd placed team in the 2020/21 season Manchester United are on the 4th place of this list. Teams like Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton, Leicester are predicted to be in the upper part of the table and fight for a place that leads to European competitions in the next season.

After Brentford manage to win in the final match of the English Championship play off game against Swansea we got all 20 teams that will be part of the new Premier League season.

Alongside Brentford, Norwich and Watford are promoted teams from Championship. These teams are predicted to be part of the group that will fight to stay in the Premier League and to avoid relegation to Championship.

Although the season 2020/21 just finished and it brought some very special moments to us and even if we new the champion several rounds before the end the fight for avoiding relegation and the fight for places that lead to European competitions were decided in the very last round. It is simple, this is the best football league in the world and from season to season it becomes more interesting, the teams are more equal and the fight is uncertain to the end of the season.

New 2021/22 season will begin on 14 August 2021 and will last till 22 May 2022.

One week before the start of the league Leicester City and Manchester City will play in the Community Shield on Wembley.