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Europa Conference League odds

Who wins the UEFA Europa Conference League 2021/2022?

News stories came out in 2015 about UEFA reportedly considering adding a third tier of European football. All 54 UEFA members discussed adding this with a view to helping smaller clubs finance their travel costs for long-distance matches.

The UEFA Europa Conference League (or Europa League 2 which is what it was provisionally named) is the third division of European competition organised by UEFA. The tournament was introduced so that teams from smaller Nations would be able to compete in European matches along with those who are regularly knocked out of the Europa League.

Matches will take place alongside Europa League games on Thursday evenings with Champions League games set to continue on their current weekdays of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The final will take place in May 2022 and is set to be held on a Wednesday night so that the Europa League final can take place on a Thursday night and the Champions League final will be on a Saturday night.

4 countries have already made bids to UEFA to host the 2022 UEFA Europa Conference League final with Albania, France, Greece and North Macedonia all hoping to be chosen as the first host city for this new tournament.

In 2018, UEFA announced that they’d be adding a third-tier competition beneath the Champions League and the Europa League. At the time of announcing, the name of the new tournament was the “Europa League 2” however, was renamed to the UEFA Europa Conference League in September 2019. It was announced that the tournament would begin for the 2021/22 season and would consist of 32 teams in the group stage.

1 team from each of the top 5 UEFA associations (England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany) will take part in the tournament, associations 6 to 15 and 51 to 55 will each have two teams qualify, associations 16 to 50 will each have three teams qualify apart from Liechtenstein who’ll have 1 team as they don’t have a domestic league.

32 teams will qualify for the group stages of the tournament, 22 from the playoff rounds and 10 teams that have been knocked out of the Europa League qualifying rounds. Over the course of the season, the new tournament will hold 141 matches which will equal the number of matches played in the new look Europa League tournament.

The tournament will also have a preliminary knockout round for the 8 group runners up and the 8 third placed sides from the Europa League group stage. This provides more European experience for these smaller sides along with a chance for smaller sides to earn big TV money from around the world.

Following the preliminary knockout round, the knockout stages will begin with 8 of the group winners and 8 of the preliminary knockout round winners set to go head to head in order to reach the final. The winner of the tournament will gain direct entry into the following season’s UEFA Europa League.

Many football associations have been critical of this new tournament as it will reduce the number of competing teams in the Europa League from 48 to 32, however, the Champions League will remain untouched. This means leagues like the Scottish Premier League may have fewer teams competing in the Europa League and will subsequently compete in this new tournament.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin believes this new competition means that the Champions League and the Europa League are more exclusive, however, European football as a whole will be inclusive for teams from all around the Continent. Previously, only 26 countries were represented in European football, however, with this new tournament 34 countries will take part.

There is no odds at UEFA Europa Conference League yet, but we compare the odds at Champions League and Europa League.