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Argentine Primera División Odds

Argentine Primera División

Who wins the 2019/2020 Argentine Primera División?

There are no odds currently available

The Argentinean league is one of the most competitive in the world. But with the new 30-teams tournament introduced a few years ago, the gap between bigger and smaller teams became to enlarge again. One has to have this in mind at the moment of approaching this league.

The bigger teams of the country, Boca Juniors and River Plate are the clear favorites for the 2017/2018 tournament. Both teams have the best squads in the league now, and the managers Marcelo Gallardo (River) and Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Boca Juniors) are leading their teams with an offensive style and some important players adding quality to the squads. As always, the transfer window in Argentina is problematic, as most of the good players leaves to other places. How they’ll retain some of the big figures will be the key for the next tournament. Players like Lucas Alario and Sebastián Driussi in River, and Darío Benedetto and Cristian Pavón in Boca are the some of the best forwards in the league and rumors already started to link those players with European clubs.

Boca Juniors is a team that relies in the quality of their forwards, and tries to win by simply making more goals than the opposite team. Sometimes it lacks some creativity in the midfield, especially when Fernando Gago is absent, but the team can make a goal in the blink of an eye. River Plate on the other side has a more patient approach some times, with players like Ignacio Fernández and Gonzalo Martínez, two midfielders with a future abroad in the near future, giving some good pace and passing. The team has also a good defensive system, which Boca sometimes doesn’t show. Both teams can consistently beat lower sides, which make them favorites for the tournament. Consistency is the key, and both teams can approach it.

The other big teams, Racing Club, San Lorenzo and Independiente are a little more inconsistent, but can have a chance too. Generally, they have a shorter squad. If they’re playing an international competition, the local championship gets in second place and they lose some points. The three teams will be playing international competitions in the first semester of the tournament, and this could lead to some losses in the local league. Racing Club is going through a transition, and will lose some of their best players such as the national team player Marcos Acuña and the impressive forward Gustavo Bou. But with young promises such as Lautaro Martínez and with the experience of Lisandro López the team can aim higher if they build a good squad. Independiente under the Ariel Holan management was reborn and with San Lorenzo mainly focused in the Copa Libertadores, it’s a team that most of the rivals will fear.

Finally, Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys, the contendants in the Rosario Derby, are always lurking for some spaces in the top positions. Lanus, a team that has displayed high performances in the past seasons, it’s also a menace and if they manage get a good streak, they can fight for the tournament again.