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CONMEBOL South America football Odds

CONMEBOL South America Football

CONMEBOL (The South American Football Confederation), is the intercontinental governing body of South American football just excluding Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname, and it is also one of the six continental confederations of FIFA. It is indicated as the world's oldest continental confederation, and its headquarters are located near Asunción in Luque, Paraguay. CONMEBOL is the administrator for the organization and governance of the major international competitions of South American football. It has the fewest participants of all the FIFA confederations, with 10 member football associations.

Nine FIFA World Cups have been won by CONMEBOL national teams (Brazil five, Argentina two, and Uruguay two) and 22 continental Cups and four FIFA Club World Cups have also been won through CONMEBOL clubs. Two Olympic gold medals each went to Argentina and Uruguay, and Brazil won one Olympic gold medal. It is signified to be one of the world's strongest confederations.

The CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers have been considered to be the toughest qualifiers in the world, for their easy round-robin system, entry of some of the world's best national teams, leveling of the weaker national teams, weather conditions, geographical definitions, the large home stands, and enthusiastic followers.

Juan Ángel Napout (Paraguay) was CONMEBOL's president till 3 December 2015 when he was apprehended during a raid in Switzerland as part of a U.S. Justice Department's FIFA bribery lawsuit. Wilmar Valdez (Uruguay) was the acting president till 26 January 2016 when Alejandro Domínguez (Paraguay) performed duties as elected president. Ramón Jesurum (Colombia), Laureano González (Venezuela), and Arturo Salah (Chile) are the vice presidents.

International Competition

The Copa América that began its outset in 1916, is the main and more prestigious tournament for men's national teams. CONMEBOL also operates national Under-20, Under-17, and Under-15 level competitions. The Copa América de Futsal and Campeonato Sudamericano de Futsal Sub-20 likewise take place in futsal.

Club Competition

The two major club competitions in South America are both organized by CONMEBOL such as the Copa Libertadores was first competed in 1960 and the Copa Sudamericana was started by CONMEBOL in 2002 as a diverging successor to the Supercopa Libertadores (started in 1988). Copa CONMEBOL, the third competition, began in 1992 and was discontinued in 1999.

The Recopa Sudamericana is the Copa Libertadores winners of the previous year against the Copa Sudamericana winners (previously the Supercopa Libertadores winners) and came into being in 1989.

Between the Copa Libertadores and the UEFA Champions League champions, the Intercontinental Cup was jointly run with UEFA.