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Nobel Peace Prize Odds 2021 | Betting Better

Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize 2020 was awarded to The World Food Programme.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2021

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
World Health Organization3.002.75
Alexei Navalny13.504.50
Greta Thunberg14.504.00
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya16.5016.50
Alexandra Ocasio Cortez21.0021.00
Bernie Sanders21.0021.00
Ursula Von Der Leyen21.0021.00
Angela Merkel23.0013.00
Bill Gates26.0020.00
Kamala Harris26.0026.00
International Fact Checking Institute27.0027.00
Joe Biden29.0015.00
Hong Kong Free Press32.0032.00
Hungarian Helsinki Committee32.0032.00
Committee To Protect Journalists38.0038.00
Mahmoud Abbas44.0044.00
Reporters Without Borders44.0044.00
Jacinda Ardern50.007.50
Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva50.0050.00
The Arctic Council50.0050.00
The European Union50.0050.00
Michelle Obama51.0051.00
Black Lives Matter65.006.00
Benjamin Netanyahu65.0065.00
Cuban Medical Brigades65.0065.00
Pope Francis65.0065.00
Jared Kushner75.0018.00
Donald Trump75.0021.00
David Attenborough75.0034.00
Emmanuel Macron75.0034.00
Narendra Modi75.0034.00
Boris Johnson75.0051.00
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez75.0075.00
Edward Snowden75.0075.00
Julian Assange75.0075.00
Marcus Rashford75.0075.00
Mike Pence75.0075.00
Recep Tayyip Erdogan75.0075.00
Jeremy Corbyn80.0080.00
Meghan Markle90.0090.00
Vladimir Putin101.0065.00

Nobel Peace Prize Odds 2021

With all the speculation on Nobel Peace Prize 2021 predictions, it will remain a mystery as who will win Nobel Peace Prize 2021 until the announcement date, which is slated for October year. As more world leaders like Trump and Netanyahu and big institutions continue to dominate the nominations list, names of potential individuals are getting overshadowed.

The Nobel Peace Prize odds 2021 is among the most competitive since the Nobel Prize was established in 1895. Looking at the 2021 odds, only a few common names like Greta Thunberg and Jacinda Ardern appear among the top 10. World Health Organization, U.N.H.C.R, the European Union, Reporters Without Borders and the Arctic Council are just a few international organizations aiming for the Nobel Prize.

More and more names will remain the topics of discussion on broadcasting stations and newspapers. But whether the names are on the Nobel Committee’s nomination list is a top-secret that shall be revealed 50 years to come except for the winner or winners.

When competition becomes that stiff, betting is left to die-hards.  This only happens when odds comparison is a hard nut to crack. If comparing Joel Biden versus Trump odds is a difficulty guess, Nicer Odds expert assistants will help make more profits.

The Norwegian Noble Committee 2020 will be responsible for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize 2021. After all the nominations have been presented, the five-member committee appointed by the Norwegian Parliament shall select the Nobel Peace Laureates.  

After the nominees shortlisting process is completed by April and a review done by the adviser, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize award shall be awarded on 10 December in Oslo Norway. The aim of the Nobel Prize is to award those who have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind.  

The Nobel Prize categories are Nobel Prize in Medicine, Nobel Prize in physics, Nobel Prize in literature, Nobel Prize in Medicine or Psychology, Nobel peace prize.

While guessing who will win the Nobel Prize 2021, perhaps predicting the winner may not be simple. But having a glimpse of the benefits to humankind brought by the world leaders and institutions nominated simplifies your odds analyzing process.

Who Will Win Nobel Peace Prize 2021?

Winners will always come and go, pandemics, conflicts and crisis will always invade the world and be controlled within a short period, the award will be always be awarded. All said and done, there will always be a winner every year. Before the award day, predictions by bookmakers will fill every betting site confusing the gamblers more.

With all these confusions, who will win this noble prize?

Greta Thunberg

At 17 years, Greta Thunberg a Swedish environmentalist activist was nominated by two Swedish parliamentarians and three Norwegian lawmakers for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021. Understanding the adverse effects of climate change around the globe, the green campaigner stands a chance of winning the Nobel Prize.

Having awarded other environmentalists like Wangari Maathai in 2004 and Al Gore in 2007 before, Greta and her Friday For Future Movement is a good bet for this year’s award. And while Bill Gates also in the odds for 2021 predictions acknowledges the need for the next pandemic preparedness, effects of the global warming are quite evident and the heat is rising.

Many argue awarding Thunberg would raise criticisms noting 2020 had worse situations that needed greater attention.

Donald Trump nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

If the nomination of Trump by the Norwegian lawmaker goes through the committee nomination process, Jacinda Ardern should take first priority. The Nobel Peace Foundation has previously been criticized for awarding leaders involved in political theatrics. These two politicians are applauded for their peace missions.

While Donald Trump will be awarded for broking the peace deal between Israel and UAE, Jacinta will be acknowledged for her leadership style.

World Food Programme (WHO)

Will WHO be awarded the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize after it went to The World Food Programme 2020? Even though WHO was criticized for working with China to implement Covid-19 control measures, which even led to the USA threatening to withdraw from the organization and cut funds, WHO is a good bet.

But since Covid-19 has dominated national debates, headlines and changed the world on how people work, travel and interact, WHO influence on the pandemic places it odds on a favourite position for Nobel Peace Prize 2021.

Other unmentioned likely contenders to watch out for related to this pandemic are the inventors of the Covid -19 vaccine as it’s most likely to offer the greatest benefit to humankind 2021.

Other Nobel Peace Prize 2021 Predictions

From the 318 nominations listed for 2021 Nobel award, Cuban doctors, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Netanyahu have received nominations for Nobel Peace Prize. Following the killing incident in the USA, The Black Lives Matter Movement should be your favourite odds.