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From Aeroplanes to Space Adventures: Explore the World of Aviation in the Top Slot Games

The world of aviation is truly fascinating, with the first commercial flight scheduled in 1914. Over a hundred years later, the technology is so advanced that booking a flight can at times be easier than booking a train ride, and commercial space flights are becoming more common, albeit amongst the rich. So it’s not surprising that this love of flights has seeped into the entertainment industry - more specifically, the world of slots.

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Let’s start off with Paddy Power's Aviator game, provided by Spribe. This slot game is quite unique as there are no actual reels. Instead, you have the option to make one or two simultaneous bets of varying or the same amounts and watch as the plane slowly flies.

Starting at 1x, the higher the plane goes, the more the multiplier increases; however, you need to try and cash out before the plane whizzes away. The RTP for this slot is 97%, which is pretty standard for such slots, but their key feature is the instant win. Plus, they have an auto-play and auto-cash-out option, optimising the process for you.

You can also adjust this feature; for example, you can set it to automatically cash out once a specific multiplier is reached. In addition, you’re able to engage with other players by using the live chat feature, and the live stats are provided to you on the left of the game. 

Let’s get into the details added to the game. For starters, the soundtrack is calm and pleasing, with the added sound of a plane whizzing by once it flies off. The graphics are quite eye-catching, with a mainly black background and a contrasting red plane. The theme is something akin to the Etihad A320, a Formula One-inspired plane.

Starmada Exiles

Next up, we have Starmada Exiles, by the illustrious Playtech. While this is more similar to your typical slot, it takes the aviation theme to a more futuristic level, with exiled pirates going on an interstellar mission

The RTP falls in the standard range at 96.15%. Just like the above game, it offers an autoplay feature where it can run from 5 to 100 spins for you, and you can opt for turbo mode to make the reels spin faster for you. Another autoplay feature is the Until Feature, which spins the reel until the special free game is triggered when the planet scatter is on the first, third, and fifth reels or until there are no more funds.

Here the music is quite different from the usual fare as it is more fast-paced, fitting the theme nicely. Moreover, the graphics are detailed and vibrant, featuring a captain, male and female pirates, along with a robot and futuristic intergalactic items.

Source: Unsplash

From your standard earthly-bound flights to space flights in the galaxy, that’s a wrap on our list of top slots with an aviation motif. It’s quite interesting to see how much a seemingly unrelated industry has influenced these slots. But we hope you enjoyed exploring these games as much as we did.