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SUPER 8 Classic odds

SUPER 8 Classic 2023 - Winner

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Mathieu Van Der Poel4.504.50
Mads Pedersen5.505.50
Christophe Laporte7.007.00
Ethan Vernon9.509.50
Jasper Stuyven15.0015.00
Biniam Ghirmay17.0017.00
Arnaud Démare19.0019.00
Jasper De Buyst19.0019.00
Alexander Kristoff23.0023.00
Florian Vermeersch23.0023.00
Søren Wærenskjold23.0023.00
Matteo Trentin26.0026.00
Mike Teunissen26.0026.00
Søren Kragh Andersen26.0026.00
Victor Campenaerts29.0029.00
Sam Welsford34.0034.00
Yves Lampaert34.0034.00
Bryan Coquard41.0041.00
Luka Mezgec41.0041.00
Gonzalo Serrano51.0051.00
Jakub Mareczko51.0051.00
Madis Mihkels51.0051.00
Arne Marit67.0067.00
Giacomo Nizzolo67.0067.00
Gianni Vermeersch67.0067.00
Thibau Nys67.0067.00
Clément Venturini81.0081.00
Florian Sénéchal81.0081.00
Per Strand Hagenes101.00101.00
Sandy Dujardin101.00101.00
Anthony Turgis151.00151.00
Luca Mozzato151.00151.00
Stan Dewulf151.00151.00
Álvaro José Hodeg Chagüi201.00201.00
Jenthe Biermans201.00201.00
John Degenkolb201.00201.00
Vito Braet201.00201.00
Jeanniere, Emilien251.00251.00
Rick Pluimers251.00251.00
Segaert, Alec251.00251.00
Tosh Van Der Sande251.00251.00
Brent Van Moer301.00301.00
Daniel Mc Lay301.00301.00
Donavan Grondin301.00301.00
Emils Liepinš301.00301.00
Jakob Fuglsang301.00301.00
Jannik Steimle301.00301.00
Jonas Abrahamsen301.00301.00
Nils Eekhoff301.00301.00
Oliver Naesen301.00301.00
Pavel Bittner301.00301.00
Stan Van Tricht301.00301.00
Tom Van Asbroeck301.00301.00
Aimé De Gendt351.00351.00
Edvald Boasson Hagen351.00351.00
Kamiel Bonneu351.00351.00
Van Den Broek, Frank351.00351.00
Amaury Capiot401.00401.00
Blake Quick401.00401.00
Daan Hoole401.00401.00
Joshua Gudnitz401.00401.00
Michael Mørkøv401.00401.00
Pierre Gautherat401.00401.00
Robin Froidevaux401.00401.00
Ryan Gibbons401.00401.00
Tim Van Dijke401.00401.00
Jenno Berckmoes501.00501.00
Marco Tizza501.00501.00
Vangheluwe, Warre501.00501.00
Alexander Edmondson601.00601.00
Alexis Renard601.00601.00
Christophe Noppe601.00601.00
Clément Russo601.00601.00
Erik Nordsæter Resell601.00601.00
Frederik Frison601.00601.00
Lorenzo Manzin601.00601.00
Lukas Pöstlberger601.00601.00
Teutenberg, Tim Torn601.00601.00
Alexandre Delettre751.00751.00
Amund Grøndahl Jansen751.00751.00
Antoine Raugel751.00751.00
Arjen Livyns751.00751.00
Blouwe, Louis751.00751.00
Boven, Lars751.00751.00
Daniel Oss751.00751.00
Dimitri Peyskens751.00751.00
Dries De Pooter751.00751.00
Geleijn, Owen751.00751.00
Gross, Felix751.00751.00
Jelle Wallays751.00751.00
Johan Jacobs751.00751.00
Juri Hollman751.00751.00
Kenneth Van Rooy751.00751.00
Lawrence Naesen751.00751.00
Luca Van Boven751.00751.00
Mathias Norsgaard Jørgensen751.00751.00
Niklas Larsen751.00751.00
Oâ¬Ģbrien, Kelland751.00751.00
Rémy Mertz751.00751.00
Sébastien Reichenbach751.00751.00
Sander De Pestel751.00751.00
Senne Leysen751.00751.00
Silvan Dillier751.00751.00
Simon Pellaud751.00751.00
Vegard Stake Laengen801.00801.00
David Van Der Poel1001.001001.00
Elias Maris1001.001001.00
Lennard Hofstede1001.001001.00
Lluís Mas Bonet1001.001001.00
Petr Kelemen1001.001001.00
Reto Hollenstein1001.001001.00
Vink, Michael1001.001001.00

The Thrilling Ride: Unveiling the 2023 SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race in Belgium

As the cycling world gears up for an exhilarating experience, all eyes are fixed on the upcoming 2023 SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race. Set to take place on Saturday, September 16, 2023, in the picturesque landscape of Belgium, this race promises a heart-pounding spectacle for both participants and spectators alike. This prestigious event holds a significant place in the UCI calendar as part of the UCI ProSeries, further cementing its reputation as a premier cycling race on the international stage.

Marking its presence on the cycling calendar, the 2023 SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race is eagerly anticipated by cycling enthusiasts around the world. The date, September 16, carries a sense of anticipation and excitement, as cyclists and fans prepare for a day of intense competition and breathtaking displays of athleticism. As summer transitions into autumn, the Belgian landscape will provide a stunning backdrop for the peloton as it navigates its way through a challenging course that promises to test the limits of both speed and endurance.

Belgium, often hailed as a cycling haven, has played host to countless cycling events that have etched their mark in the annals of the sport's history. The SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race continues this tradition, inviting cyclists to tackle its scenic yet demanding routes. With a rich cycling heritage, Belgium welcomes participants to engage in a battle of wits, strategy, and raw physical prowess, all while traversing roads that have borne witness to numerous cycling triumphs.

The SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race isn't just any race; it's a vital component of the UCI ProSeries 2023. As a class 1.Pro UCI ProSeries one-day race, it commands attention and respect from both cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. This esteemed designation places the race among the upper echelons of the cycling world, ensuring a high level of competition and drawing some of the finest cyclists from around the globe. For participants, it's a chance to earn valuable UCI points and enhance their standings in the cycling community.

Cycling isn't just about speed; it's a delicate dance between the body's endurance and the mind's strategy. The SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race promises a symphony of effort and tactics, as cyclists push themselves to maintain optimal speeds while outmaneuvering opponents. The undulating terrains and challenging stretches of the racecourse will compel cyclists to make strategic decisions that could determine their fate in the race.

While the race is a battleground for cyclists, it's also a spectacle for the eager spectators who line the route. The cheers of the crowd, the colourful whirlwind of team jerseys, and the resounding hum of spinning wheels create an atmosphere that's electric with anticipation. The SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race doesn't just unite cyclists; it unites fans from various corners of the world who share a common love for the sport.

The 2023 SUPER 8 Classic Cycling Race in Belgium stands poised to be a highlight on the global cycling stage. As the UCI ProSeries event unfolds on September 16, it will capture the essence of competition, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of cycling. This race isn't just about crossing the finish line; it's about pushing the boundaries of human capability and celebrating the spirit of cycling that unites us all.