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EuroBasket Women Odds

Who wins the EuroBasket Women 2021?

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EuroBasket Women 2021

Due to coronavirus, this year's EuroBasket is going to be very specific. Not only because of the virus and the way the championship is going to play but because of the Olympic games.
The national team will have to do a lot to prepare for two big championships in the same year.
Tough task ahead for national organizations and players.

The European Championship will be played in 2021 in Spain and France.
Because the qualifications are still active, the placement at the European Championship will be won by the nine first-placed and the five best second-placed, which, along with the organizers, Spain and France, will consist of 16 teams participating in the 2021 Eurobasket.
The Championship will contain 14 teams plus hosts France and Spain. The tournament will be played from June 17 to 27, 2021 - while European Championship in Football is in progress - and the “Lola” is a mascot character that represents an energetic basketball player with all the talents that help her be the queen of basketball courts.

We will try to focus a bit on some potential favorites and teams who may surprise at this year's Championship.
There are a couple of teams that you should take a look at: team Spain, France, Belgium, Serbia, Sweden, and Russia if they qualify.

No matter because they are hosts, but teams Spain and France are favorites for the gold medal.
Both teams have a great roster full of experience and young talents who play in the best teams in Europe and the NBA.
It would be a great surprise if at least one of those two teams don’t make it to the finals.

Serbia will have the opportunity to defend the bronze medal in France and Spain this summer. It will be the fifth appearance of Serbian basketball players at the European Championship since they have not missed a single European championship since 2013.
Girls from Serbia will for their chance to make a surprise and maybe secure a medal for their country. Team Serbia added a playmaker from USA Anderson who was granted Serbian citizenship.
Alongside Sonja Vasic, Brooks and Dabovic this will be one tough opponent for the majority of teams in the tournament.

Team Belgium has great confidence because they already qualified for the Olympic games, also have in their roster playmaker Julie Allemand. Julie had a really amazing rookie season in WNBA with Indiana.
Also, we can't afford to forget the great Emma Meesseman, who will give real power to her team.

Team Sweden is led by the Eldebrink sisters, Kalis Loyd and Amanda Zahui. Head coach Marco Crespi will have a task to relax his team and try to make some surprise without any pressure.
It's hard to believe that Sweden will be able to win but the second phase of the Championship will be a great success.

One thing is sure, we will watch a very interesting tournament. We hope with fans on the stands. Fans are hungry for live games and girls are able to serve very good and intense games for them. Hope you enjoy it!