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Formula One: Constructors Championship 2019

Who wins the Formula One Constructors Championship 2019?

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Formula One World Championship 2019
World Constructors' Champion

The Formula One World Championship of 2019 will be a motor racing championship for Formula One cars. It would be the 70th edition of the Formula One World Championship. The championship is acknowledged by the governing body of international motorsport (FIA), as the highest class of competition for open-wheel racing cars. The championship is scheduled to be contested over a number of Grands Prix held in different countries throughout the world. In the championship, the teams will compete for the title of World Constructors' Champion. The title is awarded to the most successful constructor over a season, based on point systems according to the Grand Prix results.

The Constructors' Championship points are calculated by adding points scored in each race by any driver for that constructor. The Constructors' Championship was first awarded in 1958 to Vanwall, as the International Cup for F1 Manufacturers. Only 15 constructors have been able to win the championship out of 58 seasons. Scuderia Ferrari has been the most successful team throughout the years as they won the title 16 times. They even hold the record for most successive titles from 1999 to 2004.

The constructors who are favorites to win the World Constructors’ Championship are:

Mercedes won their first Championship in 2014 and they have been winning since then. They have won the title four consecutive times. The last four drivers’ championship winner has also been from team Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton had been a part of the team in all four times and he personally won the drivers’ championship in three of those seasons. Mercedes is currently leading the championship race in 2018, so they can make their winning run for five seasons. They will surely be the main favorites to win the World Constructors’ Championship in 2019.

Scuderia Ferrari
Ferrari is the most successful constructor in the history of formula one racing as they have won the title 16 times. But the last time they have won the championship was back in 2008. They will be eager to win it again and 2019 can be their year. Vettel is one of the best drivers in the world and he has been in team Ferrari since 2015. With him in the team, Ferrari will surely be one of the favorites to win in 2019. The legendary Michael Schumacher won five of his seven championships with Ferrari.


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