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WCC odds – Best Odds at World Constructors' Championship

Who wins the F1: World Constructors' Championship 2021?

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The 2021 Formula 1 season has started and this promises to be one of the most exciting seasons in recent times. A lot of cool things have happened over the last year or so to build up to this season and here are a few reasons why this could be one of the most exciting seasons of the Constructors' Championship in recent times.

Mercedes May Finally Have A Worthy Opponent

Ever since the hybrid era began in 2014, Mercedes has been unopposed as the best team on the grid. They have won more than seven out of every ten races during this period and while teams like Ferrari have offered feeble challenges in the past, it has been nothing more than a slight annoyance for the winners of the last seven Constructors' Championships. However, that might finally change as Mercedes are for the first time starting on the back foot with their car being described as a "diva" by team principal Toto Wolff while Red Bull in conjunction with Honda has produced what appears to be the best all-round car on the grid. In the hands of Max Verstappen, the 2021 Red Bull should provide the sternest challenge faced by Mercedes yet, possibly even handing them their first championship defeat in close to a decade.

A Lot Of Interesting Driver Moves

The last silly season of the driver market in F1 was one of its craziest ever. With big moves like that of Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin, Daniel Ricciardo to McLaren, Sergio Perez to Red Bull, and Carlos Sainz to Ferrari, the status quo has changed a lot. Add to this the return of Fernando Alonso and the debut of a few promising youngsters and you have a driver line-up like never before. All this leads to new teammate pairings across 70% of the field and how these will play out should make for more than a few intriguing stories across the 2021 season.

The Change in Regulations

While the big change in regulations is slated for 2022, there are still enough changes in the 2021 regulations to shake things up a bit. The reduction in free practice times from a total of 90 minutes to 60 minutes should make proceedings a bit more chaotic and unpredictable. Similarly, the short testing period and the redesigned floors should also give this season a newer flavor than the last few that have gone by. All in all, there is going to be plenty of variability that should be entertaining for the fans.

Exciting Tracks And The Closest Midfield

Tracks like Portimao will make for an interesting venue and tracks like the fastest ever street circuit in Saudi Arabia should at the very least throw up something different. The midfield has been really strong over the last few years and this year it is only going to get stronger. McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine, Ferrari, and AlphaTauri will be closer than ever and this should give rise to some really close racing and exciting battles right from the beginning of the first qualifying session to the very last lap of each race weekend.

With the pandemic playing spoilsport last year, this season should be a bit more on the normal side even if a second wave of the pandemic plays a bit of a spoilsport. This is thanks to the lessons the organizers have learnt from last year. To surmise, all of this should make 2021 a really intriguing season of Formula 1 racing and a really exciting one in a long time.