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Betting odds for promotion from the Championship

betting odds for promotion from the Championship

Betting odds for promotion from the Championship 2017/2018

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The Leap from Championship to the Premier League is the biggest promotion in the whole football world. Because it not only gives the pride of playing in the Premier League but also changes everyone’s lives with hug cash flow. Because the promoted teams will earn approximately a staggering 200 million dollars. So in money terms that is more financially beneficial than winning any other trophy in the world. And the journey to do so is truly fascinating.

Newcastle United:

Newcastle United was a big fish in a small pond in the 2016/17 Championship season. Everyone knew that they would win the Championship trophy. But it was way harder then they ever expected. It was Brighton who bottled it in the final day of the season to hand Newcastle the Championship trophy. They already have a squad capable of playing in the Premier League. But Newcastle have hopes to be in the top half of the Premier League table. And they have the potential to do so. In command they have a Champions League winning manager Rafa Benítez. Under his guidance they will be capable to strengthen their squad much farther with the financial power they have. And after that they will be a team to be feared for any side in the Premier League.

Brighton & Hove Albion:

Brighton was another favorite to be promoted to the Premier League. But they played better than anyone ever expected. They even outplayed the mighty Newcastle United for most of the season. But their great campaign came to a sour end after the gifted Newcastle the trophy in the final day. Now they should look forward to the glamour of the Premier League ahead. Though they played great in the Championship they must strengthen in the summer. Because Premier League is a whole new animal. So if they are planning to stay in the Premier League more than one season, there is no alternative of spending wisely.

Huddersfield Town:

It was a fairytale season for Huddersfield Town. Nobody expected them to get promoted this season. But against all odds they managed to open the gates of the Premier League. Unlike Newcastle and Brighton, Huddersfield didn’t get promoted automatically. They had the nerves of steel to achieve promotion by the playoffs. And they didn’t cruse through it either. They won both ties by penalty shootout. It sounds like a story from a fantasy book, but somehow they were able to achieve it. But it seems like their fairytale will come to an end in next year’s Premier League. Because no sane man would say that they would surely have a good season in the Premier League. So for their most famous fan Patrick Stewart’s sake they should do their best to prove their doubters wrong two seasons in a row.