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DMGP odds – Get the Best Odds at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Who wins Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021?

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Eurovision 2021 Denmark

Danish national broadcaster has confirmed that Denmark will participate at the Eurovision Song Contest following the cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision edition in Rotterdam due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Denmark follows its Nordic neighbours Sweden, Finland and Norway in sticking to their traditional national selections in order to determine their Eurovision entries and hopefuls 2021 instead of inviting their 2020 ESC hopefuls to defend their colours at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021.

Danish duo Ben & Tan were going to say YES in Eurovision Song Contest 2020 after winning the Danish open selection Melodi Grand Prix 2020. Due to the current circumstances, EBU has cancelled the 2020 contest and also announced that the 2020 songs will not be eligible for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Having said this, DR's entertainment editor Jan Lagermand Lundme continues to speak about the replacement show EBU will be airing and states:

“ I understand well if it's been a mixed game for Ben & Tan and the people behind 'Yes'. I'm glad that with the EBU's great Eurovision program, we bring the song to life throughout Europe and get Ben & Tan out to viewers and fans across Europe.”

Danish broadcaster DR said "they have the ambition for the show to be Denmark's largest music festival and a celebration of Danish music and songwriting art, where the songs represent the quality of the Danish music scene". The rules were published and according to them there will be 8 participants taking part in the show.

Songwriters will have until November 20 to submit their entries. In order to submit, either the composer, lyricist or the artist must be a citizen or resident of Denmark, or be married to a Dane. Citizens of the Faroe Islands and Greenland are also allowed to compete.

The move to a smaller facility likely reflects ongoing concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. As you’ll recall, Denmark’s 2020 national final was the only one across Europe and Australia that did not feature an audience.

Following advice from the Danish government, the broadcaster had to cancel its audience just one day before the final. That meant the ten finalists had to perform inside an empty Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Speaking to DR, Tanne ‘Tan’ Balcells said that she and Ben would like to leave on a high after winning DMGP 2020, rather than returning 2021 and potentially losing out: “I feel we would take the place from some others. After all, we have tried to be part of the show. It must be someone else’s turn 2021. That is most fair.”

“And you can run the risk of going again and then losing, and that’s what people remember. So we would rather leave with a victory and then focus on our music.”

Denmark joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and has won the competition thrice: 1963 (Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann), 2000 (Olsen Brothers) and 2013 (Emmelie de Forest). The nordic country has hosted the competetition thrice in its iconic capital Copenhagen (1964, 2001 and 2014) and also played host to the 50th Eurovision anniversary special show in 2005.