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Danish 1st Division Odds

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Who wins Danish 1st Division 2018/2019?

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Danish First Division 2018 – 19

There is a lot that takes place in the Danish First Division before the teams make it up to the grandest stages of them all for the nation. Vejle BK, Esbjerg fB and Vendsyssel FF performed their best in the 2017-18 seasons and have made sure that they make their place to the 2018-19 Super Liga that will be soon after the world cup has settled down and this is going to give the better hopes for a better competition because most of the teams are coming back after being relegated and returning with bigger hopes around their waist.

This is the most important think that you get to see in the Danish First Division tournament as all of the teams try their best to make it to the biggest stage and make their name known as the champions of the country. In the 2018-19 Danish first division we’re going to get more teams and fresh pool of the clubs who will again try to test their fate and get to be in the race for the bigger Super Liga table. All eyes are now stuck on how they are going to perform on the bigger stage as 29th season of the Danish Superliga will decide who will be relegated and will have to try their luck again in the 2018-19 Danish First Division roundup.

FC Helsingør, Fredericia, Fremad Amager, HB Køge, Hvidovre, Lyngby, Nykøbing, Næstved, Roskilde, Silkeborg, Thisted and Viborg are going to be the twelve teams that will be competing and the winner of the tournament will be going to the Superliga. As usual we have seen all of the newer names and the names that have been into the tournament before. With the schedule, now out having first match between HB Køge and Roskilde our eyes are stuck to see who emerges as a champion and takes another step to get closer to be called the next Danish champion club.


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