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League of Legends World Championships odds

Who wins League of Legends World Championships 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The World Championship of LoL Season is set to be played out in the September 2018. Meanwhile, fans are busy cheering and spectating their favorite teams in the Spring LCS. Also at the mid-point of the season, we will have the opportunity to see the Mid-Season Invitation (MSI) 2018 that will come just before the winter season. In 2017, the organizers of the competition made some changes to the format of MSI and Worlds. One of the recognized changes was the replacement of the annual Wildcard qualifiers of both competitions with the two stages which were named as Play-In Stage and the playoffs. Since the organizers haven’t announced any changes regarding these formats so it is safe to assume that the 2 staged World Championships are set to take place in 2018 as well. Moreover, while speaking about predictions, it is safe to assume that from the early weeks of the Spring LCS the Korean region will once again be the dominant force in the Worlds 2018. Moreover, it is highly probable that the final of the Worlds will be a showdown between 2 Koreans teams. The three-time World Champions, SK Telecom T1 will be looking for the redemption of 2017 final. However, the team has lost some of the players before the start of the season and are currently finding wins hard to come by. Overall it will is expected to be a great Worlds 2018 and we might finally see teams from the west standing up to the veteran teams from South Korea and China.

LoL Worlds 2018 Features (World Championship Season 8):

  • Location: TBA

No. of Teams: It can be anticipated that there will be 24 Teams

Expected Format:

  • Play-In-Stage: TBA
  • Group Stage: TBA
  • Playoffs: TBA

Regions (assumed from the number of sides from the last year’s season 7):

Apart from the one Wild Card entry from 2018 MSI, we should have:

North America (3), South Korea (3), Europe (3), China (3), Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao (3)

Turkey (1), CIS (1), Japan (1), South side of South America (1), North side of South America (1), South East Asia (1), Oceania (1), Brazil (1)

Prize pool: TBA + TBA (should be 25% of Competition Skin sales)

  • Patch: TBA

Tickets: Ready to purchase before a week from the completion.

Prize Money

Apart from the title of being the champion of the world, there is a lot of cash to compete for the competing teams in the competition. It yet to be announced that what will be the percentage distribution of the prize pool. As a whole, we can predict that this year the total pot will likely exceed 5 million dollars.

Last year, in 2017 the 7th Season of Worlds had a total sum of $4,596,591. This is a less sum as compared to the figures of the 6th season when more than $5 million were distributed among the participants.

Bet on Worlds 2018

Some renowned bookmakers have even posted the betting odds of the Outright Winner market for the League of Legends World Championship 2018. So, it is fair to say that the World is waiting for the September 2018.