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Liga ASOBAL odds – Get the Best Odds at Liga ASOBAL

Liga ASOBAL odds

Liga ASOBAL 2020/2021 - Winner without FC Barcelona Handbol

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Liga ASOBAL 2020/2021

Liga Asobal is the top professional handball league in Spain.

The Liga Asobal 2020-21 is the 31st edition of the Asobal League, the top professional handball league in Spain. Founded in 1958 with the name of División de Honor, changed its appellation to the current designation in 1990.

This season is preceded by the crisis produced the COVID-19 that caused the 2019-20 season to end abruptly:  without any relegation and with FC Barcelona clinching the title with only 19 matches played. Two teams from the Silver Honor Division has been promoted to this premier league, bringing the number of teams from 16 to 18.

The 2020/2021 Sacyr ASOBAL League will raise the curtain on Wednesday 2nd September.

The 31st edition of the Liga Sacyr ASOBAL already will be a special league, with two more teams in the highest category: Club Cisne Balonmano Colegio Los Sauces and Blasgon y Bodegas Ceres Villa de Aranda. The competition system is maintained: with a regular double round phase in which they will face each other. Resulting in a total of 34 days that will extend the championship until 5th June.

The first title of this season will be the Sacyr ASOBAL Super Cup. It will be held on Saturday 29th August. The current titleholder, FC Barcelona (=Barça), will meet  BM. Benidorm (the Copa del Rey’ runner-up). The date of the Sacyr ASOBAL Super Cup is not determined yet, but it will be disputed between the four best classified teams at the end of the first round of the Sacyr ASOBAL League.

The Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey (English: King's Cup of Handball) is a Spanish handball competition between clubs, organized since 1991 by ASOBAL (Association of Spanish Handball Clubs). It has been held every year since 1957 and is the second most important competition in Spanish handball, after the ASOBAL League.

Exceptionally, the 2020/2021 Copa del Rey will eliminate all the qualifying rounds; consisting of a single final phase, scheduled for 5th-7th March, where only 8 clubs will participate. The current cup holder, Barça, as well as the organizing club will directly access the Final8. Along with the six best classified in the Sacyr ASOBAL League; once the 17 rounds of the first round have been played.

A demanding calendar

The calendar will be demanding in an Olympic year that will also hold two Final4 of the EHF Champions League.

The F4 of the 2019/2020 campaign will take place on 28th/29thDecember. The Final Phase of the 2020/2021 campaign is scheduled on the weekend of 12th /13th June. Both will be staged at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. The premier continental competition at club level will start on 16th September with the first day of the Group Stage. The Final4 of the European Handball League will be resolved on the weekend of 22nd /23rd May.