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HB odds – Get the Best Odds at Handball

handball odds comparison


Handball is the best game you probably did not know existed. This thrilling game has fast pace, high scoring, it’s a very physical full contact sport with little to no breaks. In fact, handball is a non-stop adventure. It requires excellent athleticisms eye co-ordination and hand co-ordination which makes it go with skilled ball handling. Americans have been training for this game their whole life without even knowing that it has been introduced in the Olympics since 1972. Breakdown of team members of this sport is basically a total of 7 players. Among which there are 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. It is played in 2 halves of 30 minutes each. After the end of the 2nd half the team with the most goals are the winner. On an approximate there are 50 goals scored by each team throughout the match. The size of the ball is a few inches smaller than volleyball but seems like a soccer ball.

Handball championship:

Handball is played in over 167 countries of the world. So far there are about 795,000 teams and a total of 19 million players have joined this sport. The World Handball Championship welcome over billions of spectators both within the stadium and on TV shows. The participants in this game are not at all newbies, they are professional athletes trained over years to perform just like in world-class soccer matches.

Rules and Regulations in Handball:

Before dribbling or shooting the ball a total of three steps could be taken from the semicircle surrounding the goal. Talking about the distance in feet, it makes up to 20 feet distance from the goalie. As well as only goalie (goalkeeper) is allowed within the inner semicircle around the goal court. To score the goal, players must through the ball from defined 6 meters (20 feet) distance. Players can also dive into the semicircle and throw the ball to goal right before any part of their body touches the ground. The sport is becoming famous throughout the world.

Types of Odds in Handball:

As the game is played globally, there are several markets available, but choosing the right approach to bet on handball is the key. Usually, bookmakers’ allure through the basic betting techniques and to name them they are listed below.

Long term Odds

In this type of betting, the bet is made over a longer period as the name suggests. It is just like a classic bet, in which bettor just bets and does not wait for the outcome within some time. For example, prediction of the winner in a championship from the beginning of the tournament is a form of long-term odds. This type of betting in handball is a bit deliberate as the game is team play.

Spread odds

In this type of betting, there is a spread of forecasted outcomes in the match. This type of odds is a tricky one and for those who are willing to take challenges and think of themselves as a game player. Handball game is a sport of scores and points, so this type of betting technique is used with such a manner that the bettor gives an estimated number of points such as between 46-48 scores and selects his pick whether the total points will be less than this value or more. In case the total scorers are higher than given then the bettor buys, but if they are low then vice versa (bettor sells). The profit margins are dependent on the difference between final score and buy/sell level, after multiplication with the bettor’s stake.

Special Odds

As this type of betting is highly specific to goals, players, disqualification, points and any random or specific thing that could happen within the game, that is why it is at a higher risk. The types of odds in this game could be related to a player, for example XYZ player will score 10 points individually, or the ABC team will score 49 points in total. Or even about a specific player’s disqualification. This type of betting has no specific impact on the game overall.

Accumulator Odds

As the name suggests, this type of betting has a greater margin of payout if you win or loss if you lose. The odds in this works with a few points or scenarios from different matches in one single go. This betting is appropriate for the experienced ones as handball is a fast-paced game.

Outright Odds

This type of betting is going to be the best predictor of winning team in the future. For example, if a bettor bets on a specific team that they will be the next men’s or women's world Handball champions then it is an outright betting in the market.

Procedure to Bet on Handball:

This is a sequence of events, starting with picking a team from the sportsbook. Nicer odds comparison tool will help you to explore the betting market. Afterwards, you can create an account and sign up for the betting based on the pick from sportsbook. This process will require your email ID confirmation. First time bonus advantage can be taken by deposition of funds in the account. Enter the amount of stake after selection of bet slip and then click the odds. Now is the time to enjoy or empathize with your returns.

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