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Summer Olympics 2021: Medals Odds

Country with most gold medals

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Country with most medals

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

                                                Tokyo 2021

                                      Summer Olympics 2021

Covid-19, pandemic, lockdown. After one year of postponing the much anticipate Tokyo Olympics 2020, it’s finally scheduled to start from July 23 2021 with the opening ceremony. Although it is beginning in 2021 but it is still titled as Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

While most parts of Japan are under strict lockdown procedure and in a state of emergency, plus taking maximum precautious to reduce the spread of the coronavirus yet the games’ are expected to be hosted with allowance of local spectators.

In a span of 17 days a total of 339 events to be played involving 33 sports with 11,091 athletes’ expected to participate from all around the world. 205 nations will compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, trying to uplift their respective countries honour on the grand stage of Olympics 2020.

Apart from regular or precedent games, six new games are added in the upcoming Olympic event. These are mainly surfing, skateboarding, sports climbing and karate while two previously cut off games are being included as well i.e. baseball and softball.

There is no doubt about the fact that team USA is dead favourite to bag majority of medals as it is currently way ahead of its opponent with a tally of 1022 gold medals alone.

Second place Russia is almost half of USA gold medal tally (589) while China being third with 550 gold medals in total. USA also lead the table charts of medals In London and Rio Summer Olympics while China won most of their gold medals in Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008.

Great Britain had mixed results during the Olympic Games although England had won most gold medals following USA in the Rio Olympics 2016. Japan also being contender to upset quite a few results in their favour plus home advantage will definitely play a big role for the Japanese athletes’.

As the dates are getting closer and closer, more and more websites are publishing odds of winning medals by each country. Mostly claiming USA and China as major competitors to battle it out for the 1st and 2nd position while the rest of the world want its share as well in the upcoming event.