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Portuguese liga Odds

Portuguese liga Odds

Who wins the Portuguese liga 2018/2019?

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Another one of the top football leagues that often or in other words, quite recently have been coming up with similar results. Just recently gave the world a newer name. Even that new name isn’t a club that emerged as the newest winner of the same season. They managed to get their 28th successive title. Yes! The season under discussion is the top tier football tournament of the country that gave the world, Christiano Ronaldo. FC Porto may have won the title for yet another time but they also brought an end to a very long haul by another one of the Portuguese giant, Benfica. Who are no less than a consistent club who just love lifting this cup every year, or now and then, that is.

Premeira Liga has been consistent for as long as we have known in at least half a decade that has passed. Reason? Some really world class clubs that maintain world class code of their performance and every single time try to stay on top of the league table. Sometimes it even gets so predictable that the people are not even expecting more changes to take place in the 2018-19 season. Yes! Who’s going to be on the top 4 slots? Most probably, Benfica and Porto, that’s pretty much obvious. Because the odds of these clubs having a bad day on field has almost been brought down to less than 10%. It is only going to happen on a day when there is going to be some major upset done by another club having the same line-up of their magnitude. That is isn’t going to happen anytime soon, the way we see the league progressing.

For the third and fourth spot of course we’re going to have Barga and Sporting CP fighting, the fun fact is that for past almost 5 seasons only these four teams have reserved their spaces in the top births of the league table and that is ridiculously consistent and is causing happiness to their fans. In the 85th season of the Primeira Liga, Porto may be the defending champions trying to keep the crown on their head but the story isn’t going to be any different having Benfica and Sporting CP alongside Barga trying to steal their light. All we have to do is to see how rest of the clubs fight for other spots and how the bottom ones try to avoid going into the relegation.



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