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Portuguese liga Odds

Portuguese liga Odds

Who wins the Portuguese liga 2017/2018?

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Sporting Lissabon10.0010.00

All of the football fans in Portugal are not really getting tired of the fact that they get the same winner and are getting it for past 4 years. As of this year Lisbon Portugal’s giants slayed it for the 4th time and named the title to their club once again. With 36th championship and a total of 82 points they left behind Porto and Sporting CP who had 76 points and 70 points respectively. But it is actually very impressive how Jakson Martinez just failed completing his hat trick for the leading goal scorer of the tournament and later Jonas in 2015-16 and this time Bas Dost came forward as the leading goal scorers.

There’s a huge difference between Benfica and Porto as far as, winning the tournament is concerned. As Benfica have been able to name the cup for them 36 times and Porto has done it for a total of 27 times we don’t have to argue on the fact that we will see both of these clubs in the top 4’s next year as well. Sporting CP has continued the norm as well so there goes the number three. However, we still need to find about the number four for the next tournament and for that we will have to wait and see.