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2020 Presidential Election odds

Next President

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Donald Trump1.831.66
Bernie Sanders6.005.50
Joseph Biden6.005.50
Michael Bloomberg15.0013.00
Elizabeth Warren21.0017.00
Pete Buttigieg34.0021.00
Andrew Yang51.0026.00
Hillary Clinton51.0041.00
Amy Klobuchar101.0051.00
Mike Pence101.0067.00
Nikki Haley151.0081.00
Tulsi Gabbard151.00101.00
Mitt Romney151.00151.00
Michelle Obama201.00101.00
Deval Patrick201.00201.00
Tom Steyer251.0067.00
Bill Weld251.00251.00
Jill Stein251.00251.00
Joe Walsh251.00251.00
John Delaney251.00251.00
John Kasich251.00251.00
Kirsten Gillibrand251.00251.00
Michael Bennet251.00251.00
Ben Carson301.00301.00
Ivanka Trump301.00301.00
Marco Rubio301.00301.00
Scott Walker301.00301.00
Alex Jones501.00501.00
Dwayne Johnson501.00501.00
Kanye West501.00501.00
Marianne Williamson501.00501.00
Oprah Winfrey501.00501.00
Ted Cruz501.00501.00


The most recent developments stemming from the latest Democratic debate, combined with the escalating crisis of Trump’s impeachment process have left their dent on the American politics landscape, as well as that of the betting odds on the upcoming election.

GOP winners and losers

Officially released by sports-betting central JAZZ Sports on October 16th, the refreshed odds on the upcoming US presidential election -and all its different subcategories- show a clear change in the intention of bettors: On the Republican side of things, Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley are novelty winners, both with +1500 money line price; Mike Pence remains strong at +1250 ml.

All the while, incumbent POTUS Donald Trump slid back a bit, now set at -600 ml.

Even though Trump is still clear favorite, it is evident to see that GOP voters may be starting to look for alternatives; Trumps growing set of problems are muddying up his race for re-election.

A Clash of Democrats

The 4th Democratic debate, which aired last October 15th via CNN news-waves, stirred the pot quite a bit for the upcoming Blue primaries. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang lost some steam in the power rankings, with +1250 and +1500 ml prices (Harris and Yang) respectively.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was the one to make the most earnings out of the fated debate, by climbing up to third-best for the Dem. primaries at +1000. Hillary Clinton also made some strides upwards at +1500, while Elizabeth Warren remains comfortably on top at -115 ml.

Pink or Blue?

Another trend that is gaining momentum is that of Female vs. Male, when it pertains to the gender of the next US president. The notion of a woman in the Oval Office is becoming more and more popular, with Female now listed at +200 ml, while the Male option has gone down a bit, not sitting at -250.

Overall Race

Don’t rush in your bet just yet! Trump is still widely favored to win the next presidential race with a price tag of +125 in the overall presidential odds chart (SUGGESTED LINK HERE), available at JAZZ Sports. Warren is next with a +225 ml, followed by Joe Biden at +700 and Buttigieg at +2000.

Remember, you can always find the most-updated odds on the upcoming US presidential race under the Politics Section of JAZZ Sports’ betting board.


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