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Election Betting Odds US Presidential Election

Insight into the US Election Betting Odds for 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, the odds have been shaken up pretty intensely as the US looks ahead to its upcoming elections in November 2020. What are the current election betting odds? Who has the best chance to become the US’ next commander-in-chief?

US Presidential Betting Odds 2020

Predicting the odds for the upcoming 2020 election in the US has been quite a challenge. This is not your regular scenario heading into the election year because of the intense political turmoil in the US, as well as the crisis with the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the economy pretty hard.

Way back in late 2019, Donald Trump was the favorite to win the re-election bid. But so much has happened since and now the odds are working against him. During that time, the second best odds to win the election was Democrat Senator Kamala Harris. Her strong performance in the first Democratic debate knocked down the odds of Democrat Joe Biden’s bid to become the party’s representative in the upcoming elections.

Since then, though, the election odds in the US have been shaken up one too many times. Many names came up as a potential Democratic candidate for the upcoming elections with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg among those that were considered. However, all of them are now endorsing presidential favorite Joe Biden.

Many sportsbooks still believe that Trump is the slight favorite to win. But this is not across the board, especially with the volatility of the current political climate in the US and the civil unrest. It is important to analyze the different factors that could influence the betting odds in order to determine who comes out on top by November.

Republican vs Democrat Betting Odds

The date of the US election is drawing near and with that the fight for the top seat in the country continues. The top representatives for the Republicans and Democrats are on a tug-of-war at the moment with Biden leading one moment and then Trump recovering at the next. So, who is predicted to win the next election?

As of early June, the odds are leaning towards the Republican candidates. As of mid-May, the election betting odds for Republican candidates stood at -115. But as of early June, it is now at +100. On the other hand, the odds for the Democrat candidates stood at -105 by mid-May and are now -120 as of the first week of June.

When it comes to the independent candidates, the odds remained at +10,000.

Factors Affecting Election Odds

As it stands now, Joe Biden is in a good spot when it comes to the election betting odds. The horde of protests, rioting, and police violence had rocked various cities across the country. The intense civil unrest followed the death of George Floyd, who died in the hands of violent police officers. It was another blow to Trump’s chances at retaining his seat in the White House. This was the tipping point to an already precarious campaign for Trump given the intense criticism of how he handled the Covid-19 pandemic (where he initially dismissed its gravity).

Ironically, Trump has considered himself as the “law and order” president. But this did not work as his hardline stance in the midst of all the protests all over the city has left him with a lot of negative criticism. A survey conducted revealed that 64% of Americans were sympathetic to those who were participating in the protests (only 27% were not). This is a crucial factor that could influence the US election odds for Donald Trump, and the Republicans, in general.

It is too soon to tell if the decision was the right one for Trump’s camp. And it is too early to tell if the situation will reverse and when. As the businesses are starting to open up once again, the Covid-19 crisis continues. The US still has the highest number of cases worldwide and this number continues to rise even as businesses are re-opening across various cities. If the economy recovers (and no one can tell yet when that will happen), Trump’s odds might improve. But as the months are fast approaching and November gets closer, it will be a tight race to the finish.

For those looking to place their bets on the next presidential election in the US, put your stock on current events – the major happenings in the political world. The small events don’t hold up as much in the grand scheme of things. Debates and any political changes can also cause the tides to turn. It will be interesting to see how the tides will turn in the next few weeks or months, especially with the protests and the Covid-19 situation.

Predictions and Odds for 2020

Historically, it is rare for incumbents to lose re-election bids. The only times that this has happened in the era of modern politics was during a time of intense economic downturn. But despite the economic indicators and the public sentiment rallying against him, Donald Trump remains as the oddmakers’ favorite to win the 2020 US Elections.

At the point of writing this article (and they do change daily so check our site for the latest odds), the odds are either even-money or -110 for ‘The Donald’ at the moment. On the other hand, Joe Biden has an even-money or +110 to his name when it comes to the election odds. Before this, Trump was at -120 while Biden had +130 odds to his name.

The following are the US election betting odds as of the first week of June 2020:

•                     Joe Biden (-110)

•                     Donald Trump (+105)

•                     Hilary Clinton (+3000)

•                     Mike Pence (+5000)

•                     Andrew Cuomo (+8000)

Experts predict that the odds were counting on an economic rebound once the country re-opens following the lockdowns imposed due to Covid-19. If there are improvements on the economy, particularly in terms of the employment rate and the stock market, then chances are Trump’s odds will recover, too. In the eventuality of a second wave of Coronavirus, then oddsmakers see Biden benefitting from it.