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Austrian Football Bundesliga 2019 Odds

Austrian Football Bundesliga

Who wins the Austrian Football Bundesliga 2019?

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Austrian Football Bundesliga 2018 – 19

Just recently we have finally seen how the Red Bull Salzburg have made their mark into the tournament. When we say making a mark we don’t exactly mean them coming out of the tournament as the champions but actually having lost just 3 games in the entire season and naming 83 points to themselves. Only Strum Graz was able to make a difference but even they after having 22 wins out of 36 games managed to lose 10 times. This actually proves how good Salzburg has been in their own turf. One of the main reasons behind the pride of Red Bull has been performing has been Moanes Dabour who with his 22 successive penetrations into the goal posts has made a point and secured a good future for the team and for the season as well.

It would be unwise to expect any other team than Red Bull Salzburg, Rapid Wien and Austria Wien to qualify next time as well. In the recent years and past seasons, they have clearly made sure they stay on top of the tier with more variation going on for the third or fourth place. Yes, Sturm Graz also had their ups and downs but what is going to be more interesting is watching is how Wolfsberger AC gives rest of the clubs a tough time in generating a good table and more and more opportunities for other clubs to explore their potential among the big names. Austira Wien and Mattersburg are also going to join the party to upset the middle tier of the points table but would they be able to touch the boundaries of Red Bull Salzburg? We can easily say that under the recent statistics it’s not possible.

They are going to be the defending champions in the 2018-19 season that is going to be 107th edition. The teams alongside the stadiums where all of the games will be played have been announced however the schedule is yet to come out to common eye. Once it unveils it is sure going to bring more and more possibilities and odds out of the beautiful game. Tons of fans would like Salzburg to stand tall again, but are other clubs going to let that happen? Guess we will have to wait and see how it goes.


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