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FA Cup odds

Who wins the FA cup 2017/2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

FA cup is the oldest club competition in the world. That is why it is more prestigious than any other cup competition of any country. It has the talent of Premier League and the toughness of the lower league. So there is a chance for any dark horse to win the trophy. But the big teams are always in the mix.


Arsenal are the king of FA cup. They have won it 13 times which is more times than any other team in history. They have won it 3 times in the past 4 seasons. They are the reigning champions after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the 2016/17 FA cup final. And considering that it was their worst season in recent history, it is a huge triumph. Wenger was under heavy criticism the last campaign. So he will try his utmost to prove his haters wrong in the next campaign. Thus there is no reason for them to be unable to retain this trophy.


In recent times only Arsenal has had a better record than Chelsea. They were the runners up in the last campaign. If they had won it then they would have had a double winning season. They will feel gutted about not winning it the whole summer. So next year they will have hunger to achieve what they couldn’t in the last term.

Manchester United:

Manchester United are the most successful club in England. But though they have won three trophies in last season, it was still a bad season for their standards. So they will sign a lot of big name players with their huge revenue. And José Mourinho himself has a good record in Fa cup with his previous team Chelsea. So there is every chance of them wining it next season.

Manchester City:

Pep Guardiola was given the city job to make the team more successful. So the last campaign was a disaster for him. The team was not only poor in the league but also unable to achieve any silverware. So he will take every competition seriously. And already he has started working to achieve that goal by signing Monaco’s Bernardo Silva. He is also planning to strengthen every part of the team. Thus everyone should be afraid of meeting them in the cup.