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Rose of Tralee Pageant 2017 Odds

The Rose of Tralee festival is held annually at August in Tralee, County Kerry, to choose a young woman to be crowned the Rose. The winning Rose is the woman deemed to best match the attributes relayed in the song: "lovely and fair". The winner is selected based on her personality and should be a good role model for the festival and for Ireland during her travels around the world. In contrast to beauty pageants, there is no swimwear section in the Rose of Tralee contest and the contestants are not judged on their appearances but rather their over-all personality and suitability to serve as ambassadors for the festival. The festival bills itself as celebration of the "aspirations, ambitions, intellect, social responsibility and Irish heritage" of modern young women.

Each of the 32 counties in Ireland select a Rose and there is also a Rós Fódhla representing the Gaeltacht or Irish-speaking areas in Ireland. Regional finals are held in June where six Irish women are selected to take part in the International Rose of Tralee festival. Roses from Kerry, Dublin and Cork automatically qualify for the festival held in August.

There are international Roses chosen from around the world who also participate in the Rose of Tralee festival. These include the centres of Birmingham, Boston, Darwin, Dubai, France, London, Luxembourg, Leeds, Newcastle, New York, New Orleans, New Zealand, Perth, Philadelphia, Queensland, San Francisco, Southern California, South Australia, Sunderland, Sydney, Texas, Toronto and many more centres who take part in the qualifying rounds.

Who becomes Rose of Tralee Pageant 2017? 

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Sydney Rose3.753.75
Wexford Rose8.008.00
San Francisco Rose9.009.00
Dublin Rose11.0011.00
Hong Kong Rose13.0013.00
Fermanagh Rose17.0017.00
Kilkenny Rose17.0017.00
Armagh Rose19.0019.00
Limerick Rose19.0019.00
Boston And New England Rose21.0021.00
Donegal Rose21.0021.00
Kildare Rose21.0021.00
Mayo Rose21.0021.00
Waterford Rose21.0021.00
Cork Rose26.0026.00
Down Rose26.0026.00
Florida Rose26.0026.00
Galway Rose26.0026.00
Kerry Rose26.0026.00
Sligo Rose26.0026.00
Tipperary Rose26.0026.00
Tyrone Rose26.0026.00
Westmeath Rose26.0026.00
Abu Dhabi Rose34.0034.00
Chicago Rose34.0034.00
Germany Rose34.0034.00
Laois Rose34.0034.00
London Rose34.0034.00
Melbourne Rose34.0034.00
Offaly Rose34.0034.00
Perth Rose34.0034.00
Yorkshire Rose34.0034.00
Darwin Rose41.0041.00
Derby Rose41.0041.00
Dubai Rose41.0041.00
Kentucky Rose41.0041.00
Longford Rose41.0041.00
Louth Rose41.0041.00
New Zealand Rose41.0041.00
Ottawa Rose41.0041.00
Queensland Rose41.0041.00
Roscommon Rose41.0041.00
Southern California Rose41.0041.00
Washington Dc Rose41.0041.00
Wicklow Rose41.0041.00
Arizona Rose51.0051.00
Cavan Rose51.0051.00
Clare Rose51.0051.00
Leitrim Rose51.0051.00
Meath Rose51.0051.00
Monaghan Rose51.0051.00
New York Rose51.0051.00
South Carolina Rose51.0051.00
Texas Rose51.0051.00
Toronto Rose51.0051.00
Western Canada Rose51.0051.00
Carlow Rose67.0067.00
Derry Rose67.0067.00
Newcastle / Gateshead Rose67.0067.00
Newfoundland & Labrador Rose67.0067.00
North Carolina Rose67.0067.00
Ohio Rose67.0067.00
Philadelphia Rose67.0067.00
South Australia Rose67.0067.00