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Money in the Bank (2018) Odds

Who wins the Money in the Bank (2018)?

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The WWE’s Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view has become one of its most-anticipated shows and last year’s addition of a women’s competition only added to the excitement. While the winner isn’t guaranteed to win the world championship when they cash it in, you can be certain the odds are with them. Last year’s event was a SmackDown Live exclusive but with the WWE now making all pay-per-views dual-branded, there’s no telling whether there will be a ladder match for each brand or not. Also, keep in the mind the Superstar Shake-Up could change things as well. Consequently, we’ve chosen 12 Superstars most likely to compete.

  1. Finn Balor: Finn Balor has been in a rut since his Universal Championship win and subsequent absence due to injury. However, he remains a popular Superstar and a MITB win could be his chance to rebound.
  2. Samoa Joe: The WWE seems like they’re booking Samoa Joe as a supporting player who feuds with wrestlers rather than holds major championships. Tough as nails, Joe can make any MITB exciting with his ability to dish out and absorb punishment.
  3. Seth Rollins: The Kingslayer has the U.S. Championship, but he’s always looking at the top. Rollins could easily become a two-time MITB winner this year.
  4. Shinsuke Nakamura: With Nakamura’s heel turn and his sights on A.J. Styles’ WWE Championship, he could enter this match to get a guaranteed title shot. Nakamura would be a fantastic addition to the MITB legacy whether it’s his performance in the match or a win.
  5. Baron Corbin: Corbin won last year’s event only for backstage politics to lead to him failing when he cashed it in. If the WWE has forgiven Corbin, this could be a way to restore his push by having “The Lone Wolf” snag the briefcase.
  6. Big Cass: The WWE was ready to give Cass a big push until his unfortunate injury last year. If Cass returns from injury in time for MITB, don’t be surprised if he wins the MITB and successfully cashes it in.
  7. Kevin Owens: The WWE hasn’t been afraid to put Owens in the main event despite his nontraditional look. Owens is a dark horse but he’ll add plenty of action to the match and the possibility of a dark horse win.
  8. Sheamus: The WWE likes to have veterans in its MITB and Sheamus fits the bill perfectly. His previous MITB win makes him a contender if not a likely winner.
  9. Dolph Ziggler: Like Sheamus, Ziggler is a veteran star and a previous MITB winner, providing the possibility of a win. Ziggler knows the ins and outs of ladder matches and will provide some unforgettable high spots.
  10. Rusev: A MITB Match could make it Rusev Day for sure. With Rusev’s new popularity, the fans would love to see him win. Rusev’s power-based offense means there will be lots of broken ladders and a few broken bodies to go along.
  11. Jeff Hardy: A Ladder Match without a Hardy is a like a Roman Reigns appearance without boos. Matt and Bray seemed focused on tag team wrestling right now, but Jeff could provide some highlights, even if he doesn’t win the match.
  12. Daniel Bryan: The WWE’s feel-good story of the century could make the fans feel even better with a win for the man behind the “Yes Movement!” Given Bryan’s history of neck injuries and concussions, this might not be the best match to put him in, but the fans will be sure to enjoy it. If Bryan works, he’s an odds-on favorite to win.

Women’s Money in the Bank

  1. Asuka: Asuka’s undefeated streak may have been broken, but don’t expect “The Empress of Tomorrow” to be out of the picture. Asuka is a strong candidate to win the match and earn as Women’s Championship match.
  2. Billy Kay: Australia’s Billy Kay has made an impression already, helping Carmella win the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. Kay’s record in NXT speaks for itself and she isn’t a top contender, but can’t be ruled out either.
  3. Peyton Royce: Billy Kay’s iconic partner could see an interesting twist as she and Kay team up to take out the competition. The question then becomes who will climb the ladder?
  4. Alexa Bliss: “Little Miss Bliss” could use a win here to bounce back into the RAW Women’s Championship picture.
  5. Sasha Banks: Sasha Banks has been on the sidelines and it’s difficult to say whether her career has plateaued. While a win is unlikely, a great performance from her is certain.
  6. Bayley: The biggest reason to put Bayley in is to help build her rivalry with Sasha Banks. “The Huggable One” may be rechristened “The Muggable One” after Banks gets through with her.
  7. Charlotte: Charlotte has dominated the women’s division and it’s likely her performance in this year’s MITB would be even better than last year’s. Charlotte is likely to win with the exception of our number 12 entrant.
  8. Mickie James: James career is winding down as she’s used more to put people over. However, her skills in the ring remain sharp and she should be a welcome addition.
  9. Natalya: Natalya adds a veteran presence that this match needs and her performance last year all but guarantees a good showing, if not a win.
  10. Naomi: Naomi is a wildcard here as her past title wins don’t preclude a win, but the WWE seems focused on other women for its title picture right now.
  11. Ruby Riot: If the WWE wants someone to run roughshod on the competition, this is the person. Riot provides a brawling element that enhances any ladder match. Riot’s a longshot, but a good showing could help her career down the road.
  12. Rhonda Rousey: Rhonda’s presence in the match is no guarantee of a win, but she would be the heavy favorite. The beauty of the ladder match is she could lose it and still look strong as there are plausible reasons for losing such as bad luck and the number of people fighting to get to the ladder, let alone climb it. If Rhonda wins, the WWE can build excitement as to when she’ll cash it in.

This year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view could be the best one yet, with new and veteran performers looking to showcase their talents. While we’ve shown some likely winners, never rule out a longshot as this is a match where careers are made.