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Royal Rumble 2020 Odds

Who wins the Royal Rumble (2020)?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Kevin Owens5.005.00
Roman Reigns5.005.00
C.M. Punk6.506.50
Cain Velasquez6.506.50
Daniel Bryan9.509.50
Bray Wyatt11.0011.00
John Cena11.0011.00
The Undertaker11.0011.00
Finn Bálor16.0016.00
Keith Lee16.0016.00
The Rock16.0016.00
Braun Strowman18.0018.00
Brock Lesnar18.0018.00
Seth Rollins18.0018.00
A.J. Styles21.0021.00
Adam Cole21.0021.00
Aleister Black21.0021.00
Drew Mcintyre21.0021.00
Tommaso Ciampa21.0021.00
Baron Corbin26.0026.00
Randy Orton26.0026.00
Tyson Fury26.0026.00
Bobby Lashley34.0034.00
Conor Mcgregor34.0034.00
Daniel Cormier34.0034.00
Johnny Gargano34.0034.00
Matt Riddle34.0034.00
Rey Mysterio34.0034.00
Samoa Joe34.0034.00
Shane Mcmahon34.0034.00
Triple H34.0034.00
Big E41.0041.00
Bill Goldberg41.0041.00
Kofi Kingston41.0041.00
Velveteen Dream41.0041.00
Hulk Hogan51.0051.00
Rob Gronkwoski51.0051.00
The Miz51.0051.00
Vince Mcmahon51.0051.00
Pete Dunne67.0067.00
Shinsuke Nakamura67.0067.00
Stone Cold Steve Austin67.0067.00
Chad Gable81.0081.00
Damian Priest81.0081.00
Dolph Ziggler81.0081.00
Dominik Dijakovic81.0081.00
Erick Rowan81.0081.00
Jeff Hardy81.0081.00
Jinder Mahal81.0081.00
The Big Show81.0081.00
John Bradshaw Layfield101.00101.00
Kurt Angle101.00101.00
Shawn Michaels101.00101.00
Apollo Crews151.00151.00
Cedric Alexander151.00151.00
Luke Harper151.00151.00
Mojo Rawley151.00151.00
Sami Zayn151.00151.00
The Great Khali201.00201.00
Tyler Bate201.00201.00
Kevin Nash251.00251.00
Matt Hardy251.00251.00
Shaquille O'neal251.00251.00
Corey Graves301.00301.00
Drake Maverick301.00301.00
Drew Gulak301.00301.00
Heath Slater301.00301.00
Jack Gallagher301.00301.00
Karl Anderson301.00301.00
Kassius Ohno301.00301.00
Killian Dain301.00301.00
Luke Gallows301.00301.00
Mark Henry301.00301.00
R Truth301.00301.00
Roderick Strong301.00301.00
Shelton Benjamin301.00301.00
Titus O'neil301.00301.00
Xavier Woods301.00301.00
Zack Ryder301.00301.00
Akira Tozawa401.00401.00
Bo Dallas401.00401.00
Booker T401.00401.00
Curt Hawkins401.00401.00
Curtis Axel401.00401.00
Dash Wilder401.00401.00
Diamond Dallas Page401.00401.00
Jake The Snake Roberts401.00401.00
Jerry The King Lawler401.00401.00
Jey Uso401.00401.00
Jimmy Uso401.00401.00
Michael Cole401.00401.00
Mick Foley401.00401.00
Scott Dawson401.00401.00
Scott Hall401.00401.00
Tino Sabbatelli401.00401.00
Tommy Dreamer401.00401.00
Wade Barrett401.00401.00
Donald Trump501.00501.00
Piers Morgan501.00501.00

While the Royal Rumble may seem far away, the WWE plans its major storylines far in advance (even if it doesn’t always seem that way) so you can be certain the company is already mulling over its picks for the winner of 2020’s big battle royal. As always, the big question is whether the WWE will go with a veteran winning the event and earning a world championship match at “The Showcase of the Immortals,” or whether an up and coming star will get the rub from the big win. Let’s review some of the top candidates before revealing our choice.

Finn Balor: “The Demon” earned a shot at the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar at the 2019 Royal Rumble, coming up short but proving he’s a serious contender for any world title. While Balor is an underdog, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan’s underdog victories at WrestleMania give hope that Balor could earn a similar spot by winning the Royal Rumble.

Aleister Black: This NXT standout (and one-time NXT Champion) is now on the main roster but it remains to be seen whether Black will rise to his fans’ expectations or suffer the fate of numerous NXT Superstars before him who blossomed in NXT only to wither on the main roster. It may be too early in Black’s career for a world title run, but with the WWE facing competition from All Elite Wrestling, the company may step out of their comfort zone to deal with their rival.

Brock Lesnar: Despite his infrequent appearances, you never know when the “Beast Incarnate” will surface, as seen at the 2019 Money in the Bank Ladder Match where he made a surprise appearance, winning the event. Lesnar has nearly a year to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase so it’s possible he’ll still have it come the Royal Rumble. That doesn’t mean he won’t win the battle royal however as the WWE never seems to tire of giving him big wins.

Drew McIntyre: While there’s always talk of “The Scottish Psychopath” getting a push and winning a world championship, he’s yet to make the jump from the upper-card to the main event. 2020 could be McIntyre’s breakthrough year and what better place to do so than at the Rumble? McIntyre has the size and fierce look to get himself over as a top heel.

Seth Rollins: “The Kingslayer” became “The Beastslayer” after winning the 2019 Rumble and electing to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. While back-to-back Rumble wins are not unheard of, it’s more likely Rollins will work non-title programs or compete at the tag team level before another go at a world championship.

Braun Strowman: Braun Strowman is a force to be reckoned with in any battle royal as seen by his victory at The Greatest Royal Rumble and this year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Nonetheless, while Strowman has performed strongly in past Royal Rumbles, he has yet to win the January version. Strowman’s career hasn’t involved him in many championship pursuits of late but a Rumble win could shift things in his favor.

A.J. Styles: With two WWE Championships in the record book, A.J. has done a lot since his 2016 WWE debut and with Styles claiming he plans on spending the rest of his career in the WWE, another world title run shouldn’t be ruled out. Styles has not won the Royal Rumble and a 2020 win would make for a marquee match at WrestleMania XXXVI. Even at 41, “The Phenomenal One” still seems to have lots of gas left in the tank.

Lars Sullivan: Lars Sullivan has been getting a huge push since his debut, squashing opponents in a manner reminiscent of both Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. Despite online racist comments surfacing from Sullivan’s past, the WWE seems to be big on pushing Sullivan as a monster heel. If Sullivan’s push continues, he should perform well in the Rumble and may even get the win.

Bray Wyatt: Thanks to his “Firefly Fun House” Bray Wyatt has a new lease on life after spending a year-and-a-half in mediocrity. Wyatt is always over with the fans but the WWE has yet to give him a sustained push. If his new gimmick gives him the right impetus, a Royal Rumble win while unlikely, isn’t out of the question.

The 2020 Royal Rumble Winner: Barring an injury or further revelations concerning his past racist remarks online, it looks like the WWE is grooming Lars Sullivan for a strong push as a monster heel, leading to a win at the 2020 Royal Rumble. Vince McMahon has traditionally gone with big men and Sullivan fits the mold.



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