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Democratic presidential candidate Odds

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Depending on your political leanings, you will either say that the Democratic Party is in a period of transition/evolution, or is in a state of terminal decline and collapse.

Their crushing defeat, both nationally and locally, just a few weeks ago demonstrated to the entire world that the American people rejected their policies, viewpoints, and candidates (including Presidential contender Hillary Clinton). Donald Trump's victories in traditionally-Democratic strongholds showed that a serious morphing will need to occur in the immediate future.

Some groups in the Democratic Party have urged a more centrist outlook moving forward, which would include ample resources for outreach to White working class voters (who favored Trump by huge margins). If this faction wins out (which is the most logical but least likely scenario) expect a candidate along the lines of a Joe Biden or Jim Webb to rise to the top of the ticket.

Their presence would at least offer a chance for the Democrats to retake states in the Upper Midwest (Pennsylvania and Michigan) and South (North Carolina and Florida) during the 2020 Election.

The more likely outcome will be a radicalization of the Democrats to the extreme left (a Social/Cultural Marxist position), and a further shunning of White voters and constituents in favor of a party that would be majority Black and Hispanic, with potential candidates still unknown (remember that Barack Obama was an unknown Senator just four years before he won the Presidency in 2008).

This choice would almost certainly prove to be devastating in a national election unless immigration into the United States either stays constant or even increases (highly unlikely under a Trump Presidency).

Unlike the Republicans, there can be no accurate assessment of candidate odds at this point in time; a fact that will remain valid until we move into Donald Trump's Presidency, and can study which way the winds of change are blowing inside the Democratic Party.

If one is seeking to place a wager in this specific category, sit back and observe before making a firm commitment.