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Democratic presidential candidate Odds

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Any Other Not Listed1.801.80
Beto O'rourke5.504.00
Kamala Harris5.504.50
Elizabeth Warren9.007.00
Bernie Sanders11.007.00
Joseph Biden11.007.00
Andrew Gillum11.0011.00
Kirsten Gillibrand17.0012.00
Cory Booker21.0015.00
Catherine Cortez-Masto21.0021.00
Mark Cuban21.0021.00
Michael Bloomberg21.0021.00
Oprah Winfrey23.0021.00
Tulsi Gabbard26.0021.00
Nina Turner26.0026.00
Amy Klobuchar34.0011.00
Sherrod Brown34.0015.00
Eric Holder34.0021.00
John Hickenlooper34.0021.00
Michelle Obama34.0021.00
Eric Garcetti34.0026.00
Howard Schultz34.0034.00
Mark Warner34.0034.00
Tom Steyer34.0034.00
Christopher Murphy41.0041.00
Hillary Clinton51.0015.00
Michael Avenatti51.0015.00
Gavin Newsom51.0017.00
Mark Zuckerberg51.0021.00
Andrew Cuomo51.0026.00
Julián Castro51.0029.00
Adam Schiff51.0051.00
Al Franken51.0051.00
Jay Nixon51.0051.00
Jerry Brown51.0051.00
Joe Kennedy Iii51.0051.00
Joe Manchin51.0051.00
Jon Stewart51.0051.00
Mitch Landrieu51.0051.00
Terry Mcauliffe51.0051.00
Tammy Duckworth67.0034.00
Jim Webb67.0067.00
John Wolfe Jr.67.0067.00
Michael Steinberg67.0067.00
Tim Kaine81.0034.00
John Kerry81.0051.00
Martin O’Malley81.0051.00
Al Gore101.0034.00
Chelsea Clinton101.0051.00
George Clooney101.0051.00
Bill De Blasio101.00101.00
Christine Blasey Ford101.00101.00
Dwayne Johnson101.00101.00
John Delaney101.00101.00
Lady Gaga101.00101.00
Tiger Woods101.00101.00
Willie Wilson101.00101.00
Kanye West501.00101.00
Katy Perry501.00101.00
Susan Sarandon501.00501.00

Democratic presidential candidate Odds

Do you know that President Trump is up 3 percent for the next coming elections in 2020? Well this is quite a disappointing or we would say happy news for some of the people.  The betting odds has given the president a 53 percent chance of finishing his first term. They do think that he will complete his 4 years, but at the same time they also think that in the coming four years he will remained the president for sure.  In the beginning some of the people of US do think that he would just be able to come up with the finishing of one term but now two terms have all ended up!

Before the Trump would win away, all the betting odds gamblers have given away the range of him with the 20 percent chance. But 20 percent is just the small amount  that can decrease for sure in the next term as well! As per according to the predictions of the bettors, in this year’s congressional elections, Republicans will be going to hold the Senate but lose the House!

Until now the Trump biggest competition among Democrats is, for sure the California Senator Kamala Harris. She has a 7 percent chance in this race. Then we have the names of Elizabeth Warren, as well as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton is hence ranks even lower that is just 2 percent. His biggest rival on the whole would be the Vice President Mike Pence that is at 8 percent.

But it is too much early to predict the results of 2020.  But finding the odds and catching the changes in it are much fun and interesting thing to do so.  In one of the statements Donald Trump stated that:

”Success is a long-term thing,”. “More people are seeing that when you elect Republicans you don’t get the sort of small government they run on. If you elect Democrats, you don’t get civil liberties. … Both parties are fighting over the ability to take your tax money and give it to their corporate special interest friends.”

Some Libertarians had bring about the claim that the party would have done better in the year 2016. They do think that although Gary Johnson was the low key but he was a best candidate the delegates could have picked.