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GP de Denain odds

Who wins GP de Denain 2023?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Olav Kooij3.503.50
Edward Theuns13.0013.00
Hugo Hofstetter13.0013.00
Maximilian Walscheid13.0013.00
Pascal Ackermann13.0013.00
Axel Laurance15.0015.00
Lewis Askey15.0015.00
Taco Van Der Hoorn17.0017.00
Dries De Bondt19.0019.00
Juan Sebastián Molano23.0023.00
Samuel Watson23.0023.00
Dries Van Gestel26.0026.00
Milan Menten26.0026.00
Tosh Van Der Sande29.0029.00
Daniel Mc Lay34.0034.00
Paul Penhoet34.0034.00
Stan Dewulf34.0034.00
Timo Roosen34.0034.00
David Dekker41.0041.00
Laurence Pithie41.0041.00
Sjoerd Bax41.0041.00
Tim Van Dijke41.0041.00
Piet Allegaert51.0051.00
Clément Venturini67.0067.00
Edvald Boasson Hagen67.0067.00
Laurenz Rex67.0067.00
Timo Kielich67.0067.00
Arne Marit81.0081.00
Hugo Page81.0081.00
Nys, Thibau81.0081.00
Tom Devriendt81.0081.00
Bram Welten101.00101.00
Emils Liepinš101.00101.00
Mikkel Bjerg101.00101.00
Pierre Barbier101.00101.00
Boven, Lars151.00151.00
Gautherat, Pierre151.00151.00
Lorenzo Manzin151.00151.00
Mathias Vacek151.00151.00
Rudy Barbier151.00151.00
Ryan Gibbons151.00151.00
Van Belle, Leo151.00151.00
Christophe Noppe201.00201.00
Damien Touzé201.00201.00
Guillaume Van Keirsbulck201.00201.00
Ludovic Robeet201.00201.00
Ramon Sinkeldam201.00201.00
Etienne Van Empel251.00251.00
Ivo Emanuel Alves Oliveira251.00251.00
Baillifard, Valentin301.00301.00
Samuel Leroux301.00301.00
Stanislaw Aniolkowski301.00301.00


The origins of the Denain Grand Prix was around 1992 in Coupe de France and the event entered the out-class category of the Union Cyclist International in 2016

The first edition of the Denain Grand Prix open to professionals was in 1959 in France and won by the Irishman Seamus Eliott. Since then, the race, run early on Tuesday of the carnival of Denais, has grown very rapidly. It will be an auspicious moment of victory of 1967 prix for José Samyn, a French rider to finally put his name on the charts of Denain Grand Prix. The next following year, Jean Stablinski won the cup. After great success, the former world champion was eager to leave Denain with the bouquet that had always refused him since the start of his participation in the Grand Prix.

All the French winners are Northerners, and Jean-Philippe Pipart in 1979; Bruno Wojtinek made him the first doubled in 1986 and 1987 and Robert Mintkewicz in 1977.

The internationalization of cycling, then the Coupe de France, will bring to the city of Cafougnette, platoons with tourists from around the world, so winners are from everywhere. Jimmy Casper former cyclist is currently the record holder of victories with four bouquets in three different courses.

Since 1994 Daniel Mangeas has been organizing the race for the joy of all his friends who come for the race from far away. The event that has been part of the Coupe de France since the first edition organized in 1992 has become an essential date on the international calendar due to its popularity.

In 2016, the event Denain Grand Prix entered the UCI Hors-Class calendar, with the aim of attracting the best teams in the world in search of the best.


The fictitious departure is given rue Arthur Brunet in Denain at noon 204.1 kilometers still has to go. The runners then go towards Haveluy where the real departure stopped is given on the place, remains 198 kilometers to the end line. 

The first loop goes

 Hem-Lenglet , the locality La Boulette, Bantigny,  Abancourt Eswars of paved sector No. 12, 1,700 meters long, Paillencourt , Estrun , Hordain , Lieu-Saint-Amand , Neuville-sur-Escaut , Lourches , Escaudain, then Denain with the first crossing on the line . 57.9 kilometers were then covered since the actual start, leaving 140.1.

The second loop goes

towards Oisy , Bellaing , Wallers (with the paved area n ° 11, 1,700 meters long), Hélesmes, Wallers (with the paved sector n ° 10, 2,500 meters long), Haveluy, Denain, Escaudain then again Denain with the second crossing on the finish line; 90.6 kilometers were then traveled since the actual departure, it remains 107.4.

The third loop goes

to Haulchin , Douchy-les-Mines , Noyelles-sur-Selle , Avesnes-le-Sec (with paved sector No. 9, 2,600 meters long), Hordain ,Bouchain , Wavrechain-sous-Faulx , Wasnes-au-Bac (with paved sector No. 8, 1,500 meters long), Marcq-en-Ostrevent , Marquette-en-Ostrevent (with paved area No. 7, 1,200 meters long), Abscon , Rœulx , Lourches, Escaudain, then Denain with the third crossing on the finish line; 132 kilometers were then traveled since the actual start, there are 66 left.

There are two laps of a local circuit of 33 kilometers. The riders return to Haulchin, Douchy-les-Mines, Noyelles-sur-Selle, Avesnes-le-Sec with paved sector No. 6 and then - the second lap of the local circuit - 3, along 2,700 meters, Hordain , Bouchain, Mastaing  with paved area No. 5 then 2, 600 meters long and No. 4 and 1, 1,200 meters long, Rœulx, Escaudain,  Abscon,  Lourches and Denain.


The riders having average speed of 40 kilometers per hour, the arrival is scheduled for 17 h 6. It is scheduled at 16:38 with 44 kilometers per hour.

The 61st Grand Prix of Denain - Porte du Hainaut will take place on Sunday, March 24, 2019! Disputed traditionally on Thursday after Paris-Roubaix, this positioning on the calendar is a novelty and freshness since 2018. In addition, on the 200 km that will have to go professionals, more than 20 kilometers will be on paved areas ... It will all happen in Denain!

In addition, Eurosport has provided a live television for two hours for four years now. This year, France 3 Hauts-de-France, Brittany and Normandy, will also broadcast the Denain Grand Prix - Porte du Hainaut!

2018 marks an important stage in the development of the Grand Prix ... The organizers decide to shift the date of the event from Thursday to Sunday and to add more than 20 kilometers of paving stones in the course. The craze is such that France 3 decides to broadcast the test, as had already been Eurosport for four years.