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Norway Chess 2019 Odds

Who wins the Norway Chess 2019?

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Altibox Norway Chess 2019

Taking place, as usual, in the Norwegian city of Stavanger, Altibox Norway Chess 2019 is an elite chess supertournament to take place from June 3 to June 15, 2019. At the moment, neither the list of participants or final prize fund are defined. However, this will be the seventh edition of a tournament that, year after year, has been among the strongest in the world, with the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, serving as ambassador.

While maintaining the round-robin pairing system, where each player plays against every other player, the tournament's organization has chosen to implement a new scoring that promises to be revolutionary:

In each round, the main game is played with a classical time control of 2 hours for all moves, without any kind of increment. If this game is decisive, the winner will get 2 points and the loser, none. If this game is drawn, each player will get half a point and, after a few minutes, play a decisive "Armageddon" play-off, consisting of a single blitz game with 5 minutes on the clock for white against only 4 for black. However, white must win, since, if also this game is drawn, black will be declared the winner, getting 1 point.

In this way, after a draw in the classical match and respective "Armageddon" play-off, the winner of the showdown will get 1,5 points, and the loser 0,5.

This system was designed to reduce the number of draws, encouraging the players to risk more in each of their classical games, where they will be able to take some advantage of having more time to carry out deeply prepared plans and calculate complex move sequences more precisely, thus leading, hopefully, to more exciting games.