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Winning Party US Presidential Election 2020 Odds

US Presidential Election 2020 - Winning Party

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Winning Party US Presidential Election 2020 Odds

The recent United States of America Presidential Elections caught many people by surprise with Mr. Trump ascending to power. The question that is in many people’s mind right now is ‘will he win a second term?” The 2020 U.S presidential election is scheduled for 3rd November 2020, which will be a Tuesday.

The Republican Party

The Republicans are also poised to win the United States 2020 presidential elections. President Trump is the favorite in the betting markets to successfully win the elections in 2020. There are reasons why he is considered to win again, for example, the last three U.S presidents successfully retained their seats once another election is held. If you take a look at the previous three presidents, Bill Clinton won his second term, George W. Bush also won a second term and the former president, Barack Obama also won a second term in office. The other reason that puts President Trump as a favorite is his personality and demeanor. As an outsider, trump has defied all odds and managed to become the President of the United States. Lastly, the opponents (Democrats) are yet to pick a nominee giving Trump a better chance at the moment.

The Democratic Party

Although the Democrats have not yet to picked their nominee for the presidential election of 2020, the betting market has already come up with winner odds for a number of Democrat nominees. Elizabeth Warren a Democrat from Massachusetts is predicted to be among the top contenders for the presidential position come the 2020 U.S presidential elections. Bernie Sanders is also considered to still be favorite despite his age. It should be remembered that Sanders did well in the 2016 nominations of the Democratic Party and actually gave Hillary Clinton a hard time. It is said that if he succeeds in the nominations, the chances of him winning the 2020 U.S Presidential Elections are better than they were in recently concluded elections. Michelle Obama is another candidate from the Democratic Party who is considered to also be a favorite if she chooses to run for the topmost job in the politics of United States. However, she has categorically stated that she has no intentions of becoming a politician any time soon.

Independent Party

With the intrigues that befell the previous presidential elections in the United States, the betting markets predict that the next president of the United States could be an independent candidate. No one ever thought that a businessman-come-reality TV individual like Donald Trump could actually become the President of the United States. And if this continues, then other people without political backgrounds have better chances of winning the elections just like him.