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Republican presidential candidate Odds

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Republican presidential candidate Odds

Well you might be finding it much remarkable, but there is a huge sum of chances of letting the Donald Trump to be the next president as once again. Republican has been much hopeful on the fact that Donald Trump has a “75% probability” of securing his party’s nomination. But as we do give a look into the White House it has shortened to a 1-in-4 (25%) chance. All of these latest odds as in terms on the Mr Trump becoming the 45th US President has made his chances double in becoming the next president in the past 6 weeks. Hillary Clinton and Trump are hence sharing with the same point in time the clear favourites to lead their own of the respective parties into this autumn’s US Presidential election.

If we would be looking back into the mid of the January, then almost 75% probability for Trump is a dramatic improvement from the side of the 24%. Trump’s closest rival who is the Florida Senator Marco Rubio is merely standing at the 19% just as according to trading through the medium of the Matchbook. It is taken to be known as the fastest growing betting exchange in the world that handled total volume of £7 billion as into the ‘matched’ bets during the year 2014.

Hence all in all we would say that the New York-born billionaire’s prospects of becoming President as on 8 November had more than doubled to 25.5% by the end of this February that is all up from 12% mid last month. As in view with the Democratic Party camp, Hillary Clinton seems to hence secure her party’s nominations as in means of the trading on Matchbook predicting with the “94% probability”. Bernie Sanders is also one of the nearest contender in the race into the Democratic nomination that is sharing with the 4% chance.


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