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W.S.O.P. odds – Get the Best Odds at World Series of Poker

Who wins W.S.O.P. 2021 Main Event?

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World Series of Poker 2020

People have been waiting for the update on the World Series of Poker 2020 for the past few months. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all gambling tournaments were postponed. And, WSOP 2020 was no exception. Since the World Series of Poker could not be conducted this year at the Las Vegas casino, the makers decided to conduct it online. Luckily, after the first few series of tournaments, the nine players got selected for the next round. WSOP 2020 will be held for the American players and international gamblers on different platforms. Once the makers get one winner from GGPoker and WSOP.com, a final tournament will be organized at Rio. For those who haven’t heard of the world series of poker tournaments, it is organized every year for American and international players. The event takes place at a Las Vegas casino once a year.

Players will have the 51st edition of the popular World Series of Poker this year. The event was scheduled to be organized at Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas in May. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was postponed. It was, then, conducted online in July 2020. It was quite different this year as players from different corners of the world gathered online to participate in the World Series of Poker 2020. It had 85 tournaments. 54 tournaments were conducted on GGPoker and the rest of them were streamed live on WSOP.com. The tournament took place in July 2020 and ended in September.

WSOP 2020’s Edition

Recently, the World Series of Poker has declared that they are planning to conduct the No Limit Hold’em which is worth $10,000. It will be held online on GGPoker and WSOP.com. Players from international countries are supposed to join the event on GGPoker, while the American players can stream it live on WSOP.com. The event is expected to be held on 29th November 2020 for international players. For the players in the United States, the No Limit Hold’em event will take place on 13th December. Once the WSOP gets the nine players from the event, they will organize the final round on 15th December.

The event will be held at King’s Casino Czech Republic. For Americans, the final round is expected to be held at Rio Casino on December 28. The World Series of Poker will pick a winner from each final table. The winner of the international, as well as American WSOP 2020, will then have a final round on 30th December 2020. This will give us the champion of the world series of poker 2020 tournament. Only the players from Nevada and New Jersey were allowed to take part in the first tournament held at WSOP.com.

This year, the makers announced whopping prize money of $25 million. Over 5,800 players joined the event, raising the prize money to $27.5 million. This year’s WSOP was quite interesting, despite the pandemic. There were a couple of technical glitches, but it was one of the most memorable WSOP tournaments.