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Who wins Speedway GP 2020?

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Speedway Grand Prix 2020

The greatest sideways racing action The FIM Speedway Grand Prix (SGP) is back in 2020, better than ever. Its fast unique looking motor bikes consisting of 500cc motors, pure methanol fuel, just one gear and no brakes, have the capability to out accelerate an Formula One car. Which when driven sideways with three other riders around dirt ovals all around the world, can make for an amazing sight. SGP is the pinnacle of this style of racing and there world championship trophy is the most coveted.

After the Polish rider Bartosz Zmarzlik won the 2019 season in great form, will anyone be able to beat him 2020? Currently second in the world, the Danish Leon Madsen, with a few close calls looks in prime position to better himself 2020 along with third in the world, Russian Emil Sayfutdinov who chased hard for the last few races of 2019. Then there’s the underdogs, Slovak star Martin Vaculik, currently the world number five, is looking on top form for 2020 along with the experienced Brazilian born but Swedish raised Antonio Lindbäck who is re-joining his boyhood team of Masarna.

There will be four Wild Card riders to add to the mix in 2020. Former world champions Greg Hancock and Tai Woffinden have seven world titles between them and are back alongside Antonio Lindbäck and Artem Laguta. This all makes for a tantalising 2020 season to come.