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Speedway GP 2019 odds

Who wins Speedway GP 2019?

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Speedway Grand Prix 2019

Speedway Grand Prix is a series of stand-alone motorcycle speedway events. It takes place over the course of a season and is used to determine the Speedway World Champion. A total of 16 riders take participation in each Grand Prix. Over the course of twenty heats, each rider will race against every other rider once. Eight of them scoring the most points will advance to the semi-final. From each semi-final, the rider to finish 1st and 2nd place will get the opportunity to take part in the GP Final. All rides count in order to calculate the Grand Prix points totals, including the semi-final and final.

The 2019 season of Speedway Grand Prix will be the 25th season of the Speedway Grand Prix era. It will decide the 74th FIM Speedway World Championship. This season will be the nineteenth series under the promotion of Benfield Sports International.

For the Speedway Grand Prix 2019, the top 8 riders for the 2018 season of Speedway Grand Prix are automatically qualified. The top 8 riders for the previous season are:
(The list is given on the order they finished in the 2018 season)

1. Tai Woffinden (2018 Champion)
2. Bartosz Zmarzlik
3. Fredrik Lindgren
4. Maciej Janowski
5. Greg Hancock
6. Artem Laguta
7. Jason Doyle
8. Emil Sayfutdinov

These riders will be joined by the three riders who have qualified via the Grand Prix Challenge. The series of qualification consisted of four qualifying rounds at Žarnovica, Slangerup, Lonigo, and Abensberg and the Grand Prix Challenge which was held at Landshut. The three riders who qualified for the 2019 season of Speedway Grand Prix are:

1. Janusz Kołodziej
2. Niels-Kristian Iversen
3. Antonio Lindbäck

The final four riders are nominated by series promoters, Benfield Sports International. They are:

1. Patryk Dudek
2. Matej Žagar
3. Martin Vaculík
4. Leon Madsen

The 16th spot is known as the ‘Wild card'. It will be a leading non-GP rider from the country in which the Grand Prix is being held.

Greg Handcock is a very experienced rider. He is one of the top favorites to win the series in 2019. Defending champion Tai Woffinden has been fantastic in the last few seasons and he could take the championship again in the upcoming season. Jason Doyle won the series in 2017 but finished 7th in the last edition. He could rise up and win the upcoming series as well.


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