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Motor sport odds – Get the Best Odds at Motorsport

Motor sport Betting Odds Comparison – Motorsport F1 Betting Odds Explained

Motorsport is kind of a sport in which betting odds work in a different manner. There are some important points that everyone needs to understand before betting on Motorsport races. No doubt that the auto racing is one of the oldest forms of competition in the world. Everyone loves to watch races and in the same way many people love to bet on these races as well. So, how to bet on Motorsport? How can you improve your motorsport betting? We have explained the Motorsport Betting Odds here for you, check it out.

There are a lot of events in that take place but F1 is no doubt the most loved one. There are numerous markets available as well for the F1 races and if you want to try the betting on the fastest sport in the world then do read our Motorsport Betting Odds.

How to Improve Motorsport Betting?

First and the foremost important point is to understand the fact that you are going to bet not on the driver but on the car as well. You will have to make sure that the company or model of the car is as good as the driver himself. Relying on the driver will not help and you will have to pay enough attention to the car model as well. This is one point that a lot of betters tend to neglect.

Make Use Of The Stats

Well, Motorsport is ultimately a data-driven sport and you will have to make use of all the information available related to the event that you are following. Having extensive knowledge about the stats will definitely help you make better decisions.

There are several ways with which you can bet on racing. This sport is clearly different from all other sports because in this sport, there are no times and everything depends on the individual who is driving the car. So, the wagering system is a bit different here and the most popular betting method is the Match race.

In the Match Race method is probably the most famous and reliable way of betting on racing. So, how it works? Well, when you pit one driver against another heads up, then you are simply betting on which one player will finish in a better position. Furthermore, if something happens to the driver or somehow he gets injured and can’t continue then you will ultimately lose the bet.

Driver vs Driver Match Bets – Mostly Used in F1

This method is very exciting to try and you can bet on inter-team rivalries as well like the famous rivalry of Mercedes’ Hamilton and Rosberg. In this betting method, the better has two options either chose Driver A or Driver B. The end result will be decided after the official Formula One standings will come out. So, you can try this method if you are interested in betting on racing for a long term.

Podium Finish Betting

This method is very simple in this format you will back a driver to finish on the podium. The odds here are shorter but the good thing is you will have a better chance of winning with your bet. For those who don’t know what podium is, the podium consists of the first three home in the race.

We compare the motorsport betting odds on Formula One, Rally racing and Speedway.