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Eurovision Betting Odds

Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

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No one can say Eurovision 2018 was uneventful, from stage invasions to chicken songs and the usual weird mix of music. Now, as the team packs up in Portugal all eyes are on Israel - the next host country - as Netta took the crown with her song “Toy”. Netta gained the most points for her track, which was an anthem for the Me Too movement , about female empowerment and standing up against cowards. The catchy pop tune, complete with chicken sounds and clucks, hit the right note with its powerful message and secured the top spot.

This is Israel's fourth win in the contest - the last being 20 years ago when Dana International won with Diva. Speaking at a press conference following her win, Netta said: “There is nothing like an Israeli party, you will find out next year I hope.I am proud and honoured to bring this magical event to Israel.”

The competition will most likely be held in Jerusalem. Eurovision Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand said: “We will come to Israel in a very short time to start to discuss Eurovision 2019. We still have not defined any city or any dates but we will start to talk to see how we should organise this and when it should be.”

The contest takes place in May every year. The next will be the 64th competition. The exact date is to be confirmed by Eurovision and Israeli authorities - though it will be in May.

It didn’t take long for the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to attach his name to the victory: “You know what we say: Those who didn’t want Jerusalem in the #Eurovision are going to get the Eurovision in Jerusalem,” he tweeted, in a series of posts praising Trump and celebrating the controversial move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. All the while his government continues to oversee the displacement of Palestinians from their Jerusalem homes.

JOWST, who represented Norway in 2017 and composed yet another competing entry in Melodi Grand Prix 2018, has revealed that he would like to compose yet another song for the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time not for his home country… the producer would instead like to compose an entry for the United Kingdom.

The mayor of Dublin called for Ireland to not take part in the Eurovision 2019 competition since it will be held in Jerusalem. Lord Mayor Micheal Mac Donncha told Dublin Live that he would be in favor of boycotting the contest: “I don’t think we should send a representative. I think the horrific ordeal of the Palestinian people needs to be highlighted,” he said.

But earlier this year, the Irish contestant at this year’s Eurovision, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, enjoyed a four-day trip to Israel as part of the pre-Eurovision Israel Calling Event.” During his visit, O’Shaughnessy posted a photo of himself aboard a camel and called the chance to perform for 10,000 Israeli fans “amazing.” At the Eurovision singing contest, the Irish jury awarded Israel’s Netta Barzilai seven points, while the country’s televoters gave her six.

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