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Eurovision song contest odds

Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
San Marino26.0019.00
United Kingdom67.0034.00
North Macedonia101.0051.00
Czech Republic101.0081.00

The 2021 Eurovision song contest odds has already pointed its favourite odds to Iceland followed by Russia and the third slot given to France. To authoritatively state who will win the Eurovision Song Contest at this moment would be a lie.

According to reliable sources, the only things we are sure of is the Eurovision 2021 will take place whether the Covid 19 pandemic worsens or reduces. As to the venue, who will host and the broadcasters, we are also certain. The preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be the major highlight in this year’s event following last year’s postponement.

For the event to take place just-as-normal, contestants are required to have a live–on-tape record to act as a back-up in case of a total lockdown.

European Broadcasting Union (EBU), AVROTROS and Dutch Host Broadcasters NPO have analyzed the health and safety of the participants and contenders then taken every precautionary measure. To ensure the event goes on as normal, the organizers have highlighted three possible scenarios under which the event will take place. But still, all arrangements are subject to Covid-19 guideline change.

When predicting Eurovision 2021 winner, it would more practical if you align all thoughts in accordance with the 2021 slogan – “Open Up”. With the logo also designed to illustrate unity by connecting flags of the participating countries, a thorough analysis of the songs would be required before placing any bid.

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest grand final slated for the 22nd May and will be held at Ahoy Rotterdam in the Netherlands, which also hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This will be after the semi-finals which will be hosted on the 18th and 20th.

For the first time, there will be an Online Press Centre to give chance to those who won’t attend the event to follow remotely.  The Press Centre will also give chance to accredited journalists to hold press conferences and interview participants. 

The line-up for the 2020 presenters will remain the same in the 65th Eurovision Edition - Edsilia Rombley, Jan Smit, Nikkie de Jager and Chantal Janzen. This 65th Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by 41 countries mostly from the European member states.

If the 2019 Eurovision winner came from the Netherlands, will it be possible for the same country emerges with the most favourable odds? Or will the previous best Eurovision winners like Loreen – Euphoria, Israeli’s Netta and Portugal's Salvador Sobral carry the highest Eurovision betting odds in 2021?

Despite Russia having a sweet taste with the jurists during the previous Eurovision Song Contests, they still occupy the second slot in the Eurovision Song Contest Odds. And even though they have won the content contest once and featured in the top 5 out of 9 implying high chances of winning, voting patterns witnessed during previous years are likely to play against them.

As of today, their betting odds stand after Iceland. Up to date, Russia has not announced its contestant but it remains to be seen whether they’ll retain the 2020 nomination – Little Big with the song “Uno”.

Israel is another contender with good betting odds in the upcoming Eurovision event. Whether sympathy vote will play on them following the 2018 demo’s remains to be a wait and see. Eden Alene singing “Set Me Free” which perfectly rhymes with the 2021 slogan might give good results either during the semi-finals or during the grand finale.

Will Israel make a debut for the sixth year consecutive in the grand finale? History repeats itself and with this myth, Israel should be among your favourite Eurovision betting odds 2021.

As you consider Lithuania and France for your Eurovision Song Contest 2021 betting odds, Germany cannot be left out considering the theme of the song to be performed during the event. Jendrik Sigwart performing “I Don't Feel Hate” cannot be underrated given his outstanding charisma and entertainment qualities.

Lithuania made their first debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and has featured in the top 10 grand final only once. That was in 2016. In their bid to win the 2021 contest, Lithuania has chosen their longest national selection – Discoteque and will be performed by The Roop.

Before Sweden and Denmark go live on 6th March, their Eurovision Song Contest Odds are not as bad as many would suggest. While Denmark marks their 49th appearance, Sweden will appear for the 60th time. Their countries status and influence are worth changing the odds to the highest positions. As before, cluster voting is likely to be witnessed amongst these participants further influencing their standings in the Eurovision Song Contest odds.

For Sweden to appear six times consecutively in the semi-finals, we believe they may carry the flag or occupy one of the top 5 slots. Denmark has won the Eurovision Song Contest three times, it won’t be a surprise if they make a debut during the 2021 semi-finals and grand final thus giving the highest Eurovision odds.

During the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Eurovision Song Contests, Denmark has made it to both semi-finals and grand final.


From the list of all the 40 participants, the change in Eurovision Song Contest 2021 betting odds are likely too hard to predict now that prominent participants haven’t yet released their official trail songs. YouTube cannot also be ignored when placing your bet as the prominence of the song will by large extend influence the jurists and thus raise betting odds for certain participants. While we are waiting for Eurovision Song Contest 2021 there are many Online Gambling Offers on the net.

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