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Eurovision Song Contest odds

Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Czech Republic22.0022.00
North Macedonia23.0023.00
San Marino27.0027.00
United Kingdom34.0027.00

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022, is the upcoming edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. It will be organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in association with the Italian broadcaster RAI.

The event is set to be held in Italy, following Måneskin's win at the 2021 event in Rotterdam with their Song “Zitti e Buoni" meaning Shut up and Behave, the contest will be organised by Italian Broadcaster RAI.

The 2021 contest featured thirty-nine countries despite the original forty-one that were announced. The event in 2022 is currently looking to feature a similar number. It is thought that Armenia will return after a break and it has recently been revealed that the EBU is in talks with the Turkish broadcaster TRT on them returning to the contest. Belarus who were disqualified from the 2021 contest will not be returning as their membership of the EBU has been suspended. It was also widely reported that Andorra would be making a return this year however, this was later thrown out as just a rumour by the Andorran broadcaster. All EBU members have until October 2021 to formally submit their application to the European broadcast union to take part in the contest.

The contest will probably only feature 25 songs in the Grand Final for the first time since 2011, this is because in the past years the Big 5 countries (The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy) have been joined by the host country in the final with the remaining spots being from ten qualifiers from two semi-finals. However, as Italy is both a Big 5 country and the host country This removes an extra spot from the final. This is subject to change however, as there have been discussions over the fact that if Turkey were to return to contest they may get special treatment as part of the auto-qualifiers which would make them part of the “Big 6” if this was to happen it would probably only last one year, or the EBU would have to take the number of entrants in the final up to twenty-seven something that they have not shown an interest in doing.

Going into the contest, Ukraine is defending their 100% qualification record and are the only actively participating country to have never failed to qualify outside of the Big 5. They gained another high placing in 2021 with “Shum" by Ukrainian band Go_A.

While no acts have yet been confirmed for the contest and are not set to be revealed until at least December 2021 some rumours have began appearing including the possibility that Jessie J or comedian Bill Bailey could be set to represent the UK.

Eurovision 2022 will start with the so-called “National Final Season” which last from September 2021 until the cut-off point in mid-march, the biggest of these events are Sweden’s Melodifestivalen and Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix. September will also see the start of the countdown towards the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest that is set to be held in Paris in December after young French artist Valentina won the 2020 edition with her song J’imagine.

As of June 2020, all national finals announced for next year are to be held in February this includes Australia’s “Australia Decides 2022”, Finland’s “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022”, Italy’s “Sanremo 2022” and Serbia’s “Beovizija 2022”, on top of this San Marino announced that their national selection “Une voce per San Marino” will take place over several month starting in December. In previous years Albania have also held their national selection in December.

It is difficult to speculate who will do well at the contest especially as we have no songs revealed yet, however in the past Ukraine have always done well. As have Azerbaijan and Greece. Sweden have a history of placing high with the jury so it is to be expected that those countries will probably do well again.

On the other side of things, Germany are going into this event following two consecutive contests where they have failed to receive a single point from the public vote, the United Kingdom is also going into this event following to consecutive last place finishes including them receiving the dreaded “Nil Points” in 2021. Spain is also on somewhat of a streak of bottom five finishes that they will try and change. Interestingly all those countries are members of the “Big 5” a group that has been criticised for sending bad songs and not taking the contest seriously as they know they will go straight to the final. Several national broadcasters are in favour of scrapping the Big 5 including Turkey’s TRT and as we know they and the EBU are in discussions perhaps a rule change is incoming. However, is should also be noted despite the Big 5 failing here on the other side of things last year the winner and runner up of the contest we all members of this Big 5 group.

The event will feature two semi finals and the Grand Final, the event will be able to watch around the globe through the EBU's partners including the BBC, TF1, RTE, NPO, TVE, NDR and RAI. If no broadcaster is showing the show in your region then the event will be able to be watched through YouTube, however this is geo restricted in some regions due to EBU agreements with broadcasters.

On 8 October 2021, the EBU and RAI announced Turin as the host city, with the Pala Alpitour as the chosen venue for the contest.