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Eurovision Betting Odds

Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

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Eurovision 2020

The Eurovision Song Contest is as jam-packed as ever, with 41 countries set to compete in the 2020 contest in Rotterdam. The line-up for next May’s contest has been revealed, and after a year absence, Bulgaria and Ukraine are both back to compete. 41 public broadcasters have signed up, with 35 countries set to compete in the two semi-finals.

The Big Five – Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom – plus hosts The Netherlands will go straight through to the grand final. Executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand, who is stepping down after 2020’s contest, said: ‘We can’t wait to “open up” to participants from 41 countries in Rotterdam next year. We are thrilled that so many public broadcasters will be presenting their nation’s best musical talent as we celebrate the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

The design, which forms the visual basis for the 3 shows and the event, symbolizes the celebration of the 65 years of Eurovision Song Contest and the 41 countries that will take part.

The Eurovision Song Contest was established a decade after the Second World War with the aim to bring Europe closer together through music. Over the last decades, the competition has opened itself up to new countries, new talent and new technology. To reinforce that message, a data-driven vignette has been developed that celebrates the story of the Eurovision Song Contest in a contemporary way.

NOS reports that the financing of the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam seems to be getting through. According to Mr. Slob (Dutch Minister of Media Affairs) most signals to get an amount from the General Media Reserve are green. Slob says that due to the the increase in advertising income there is more money than expected in the reserve. He does not mention amounts, he expects to be able to provide more clarity next week.

The pot of reserves contains money that has already been reserved for the broadcasters. The government therefore does not allocate extra money. Slob warns that if money is taken out of the reserve, it can no longer be spent on other things. According to NPO, the broadcasters are agreeable with this.

The 2020 Eurovision Semi-final Allocation Draw is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 28 January in Rotterdam. The venue is yet to be officially confirmed. 35 countries will compete in the semi-finals whilst a total of 26 countries will compete in the Grand Final on 16 May.

The 35 semi-finalist countries will be divided into several pots and distributed equally into each of the 2 semi-finals by a draw. The distribution of the countries in the pots will be based on the voting pattern in each country in the past years. This mechanism is used in order to avoid neighbourly voting and countries that tend to vote for each another ending up competing in the same semi-final.

The first draw will determine which country will compete in which semi-final.

The exact running order of the 35 countries competing in the 2 semi-finals on 12 and 14 May will be determined by the producers of the show by late March. The draw will be supervised by EBU’s Executive Supervisor Mr. Jon Ola Sand.

Back in October Belgium and Spain revealed their Eurovision 2020 artists. Since then two more countries — Bulgaria and Cyprus — have revealed their hand, taking us up to four. While we are waiting for Eurovision Song Contest 2020 there are many Online Gambling Offers on the net.

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