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Eurovision Betting Odds

Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

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Eurovision 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest of 2019 in Israel takes place in Tel Aviv, not in the capital city of Jerusalem. The final is on May 18, the semi-finals on May 14 and 16.

This year the Israeli singer Netta won the win with the song "Toy", and made Israel the organizing country for next year.

It is striking that the capital city of Jerusalem, the controversial city that both the Palestinians and Israel claim, falls out of the boat.  Tel Aviv would have done a "very creative and in all areas convincing offer". A stark contrast to the previous organizing countries, which usually chose their capital to organize the music competition.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, fought to see the international music competition taking place in Jerusalem, as part of the government's campaign for global recognition of the holy city as the capital of Israel. But, despite having hosted twice the competition in the past (first in 1979 and then in 1999), because of the well-known political instabilities of the area, it was chosen differently.

"All the proposals were exemplary, but in the end we decided that Tel Aviv offers the best overall configuration for the biggest live music event in the world," said Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), that sponsors the contest.

The mayor of the city, Ron Huldai, added: "Eurovision is perfect for our city, which has been internationally celebrated for its vibrant energy, creative spirit, vibrant cultural scene and its celebration of freedom. We look forward to hosting a joyful and ongoing event. "

Tel Aviv officials say they expect about 20,000 visitors to the city during the Eurovision days. And here a controversy arises. The headquarters of the Eurovision 2019,the Tel Aviv Fair is considered too small as it can accommodate about 10,000 people; so to speak, only half the size of the Lisbon Arena, where the Eurovision 2018 took place. The concern that many fans might lose tickets due to limited places is very strong. Now, however, the Israeli media report that a solution has been found to increase the number of seats: the public is invited to the so-called "green room", the space in which the artists and their support teams sit after they have performed. It would seem that between 2,000 and 3,000 tickets to access this room will be put on sale to the public. While it will not be the same as watching the live show, it will still offer a unique experience for fans.

We are sure that the plot twists and the controversies about the next edition of Eurovision are not over yet, but one thing is certain. The Eurovision 2019 will be very colorful, just like the city that will host it and, as sung by Nadav Guedj, participant in the 2015 edition

About the organization in 2019 there has been a lot of controversy. For example, recently a series of artists, such as ex-bassist Roger Waters of the rock band Pink Floyd, have unsuccessfully called the organizing European Radio Union (EBU) to allow the competition to take place elsewhere.

Israel has participated 42 times in the Song Contest since 1973 and has won it four times.

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