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Norwegian ice hockey league odds

Norwegian ice hockey league odds

Who wins the Norwegian ice hockey league 2018?

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No matter what sport you choose, it’s tough to stay on top. Every team is gunning for your spot, and everyone knows how you play. To make it even tougher, in a league like the GET Ligaen, you have other teams trying to take your best players. That’s exactly what happened to the 2016-2017 GET Ligaen Champions, the Stavanger Oilers.

Losing your top player to another league is hard in itself, but to lose your top two scorers means your team is likely to take a few steps back. Both Mark Van Guilder and Dan Kissel starred for the Oilers last season, putting up 124 points collectively. Van Guilden’s 1.44 PPG, and Kissel’s 1.31 PPG made their way to EHC Visp in the Swiss National B League, meaning the Oilers are losing key cogs to their collective hockey machine.

With the Oilers subtracting large pieces, this leaves the door wide open for Frisk Asker, last season’s Championship runner up. With Asker (so far) only losing two players (Nordrum to retirement, Kasastul to HC Vista Hasen), and being a relatively young team (average age of 23.33 years old), the window of opportunity has never been bigger. Asker had four players come close to a one point per game average last season, and three of those four are under 30 years of age, giving them not only potential to get better, but longevity. Even though Nicklas Dahlberg’s 2.32 goals against average didn’t look amazing in the regular season, he took his game to another level by improving both his GAA (1.92) and his SV% (.933) in the playoffs, when his team needed him the most. The best part about Dahlberg is that he’s 32, directly in his prime as a goalie. This next season will be Asker’s best shot at a league title with Dahlberg in net.

Much like last season, expect the Kongsvinger Knights to finish at the bottom of the standings again. Last season, they went 1-41 with a -182 goal differential. This team may have been around since 1961, but this was their worst season in team history, including when they played in the Norway Third, and Norway Second Leagues. Their top scorer Juuso Morsky finished 40th in the league, but surprisingly had 31 points in 43 games; unsurprisingly, he went -35 on the season. On the bright side, they can’t get much worse than last season. While this season can only go up for Kongsvinger, don’t expect them to go too far up.