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NBA Betting & Odds 2025 | NBA Odds

NBA is a professional basketball league in North America composed of 30 teams (29 in the United States and 1 in Canada). If you want to find the best NBA odds we recommend checking out, find the top picks by their Editor Carl Mansson.

Who wins the NBA 2024/2025?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Boston Celtics4.003.65
Denver Nuggets9.006.60
Minnesota Timberwolves9.507.80
Oklahoma City Thunder10.009.00
Dallas Mavericks10.009.80
Milwaukee Bucks11.006.80
Philadelphia 76Ers13.0012.00
New York Knicks15.0013.00
Los Angeles Clippers26.003.70
Los Angeles Lakers26.004.50
Miami Heat29.003.70
Golden State Warriors34.003.70
Phoenix Suns34.003.70
Cleveland Cavaliers41.003.70
Indiana Pacers51.003.65
New Orleans Pelicans51.003.65
Sacramento Kings51.003.65
Memphis Grizzlies51.0029.00
Orlando Magic67.003.65
Atlanta Hawks81.003.65
Houston Rockets151.003.65
San Antonio Spurs151.0018.50
Chicago Bulls251.003.70
Toronto Raptors501.003.65
Brooklyn Nets1001.003.65
Charlotte Hornets1001.003.65
Detroit Pistons1001.003.65
Portland Trailblazers1001.003.65
Utah Jazz1001.003.65
Washington Wizards1001.003.65