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NBA odds – Get the Best Odds at NBA

Who wins the NBA 2022/2023?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Golden State Warriors6.003.75
Boston Celtics7.503.75
Brooklyn Nets8.004.50
Milwaukee Bucks8.504.00
Los Angeles Clippers9.004.25
Phoenix Suns11.0010.00
Miami Heat15.0011.00
Los Angeles Lakers16.0011.00
Philadelphia 76Ers16.0015.00
Dallas Mavericks17.0013.00
Denver Nuggets17.0015.00
Memphis Grizzlies17.0015.00
New Orleans Pelicans51.0021.00
Utah Jazz51.0023.00
Chicago Bulls61.0026.00
Toronto Raptors67.0026.00
Minnesota Timberwolves71.0031.00
Atlanta Hawks81.0026.00
Charlotte Hornets101.00101.00
Cleveland Cavaliers101.00101.00
Portland Trailblazers151.0081.00
New York Knicks251.00151.00
Washington Wizards501.00151.00
Sacramento Kings501.00201.00
San Antonio Spurs501.00201.00
Detroit Pistons1001.00151.00
Indiana Pacers1001.00151.00
Houston Rockets1001.00501.00
Oklahoma City Thunder1001.00501.00
Orlando Magic1001.00501.00

NBA 2022/23 season

Although the 2022 NBA Finals are far from finished, it's never too early to start thinking about what's ahead for the league. The start date for the regular season hasn't been announced yet, but there are still some key dates for the offseason as well as the 2022-23 season that are beneficial to keep an eye on with the current season coming to a close.
The first big thing coming after NBA Finals is the NBA draft planned to be on June 23, we will have a chance to see you will be this year's number 1 pick in the NBA draft.

If we take a look at the draft rankings, Jaden Ivey, Chet Holmgren, and Paolo Banchero have the best chances to be the famous number one, but the draft is everything than a sure thing.
The next All-Star Game will be played in Salt Lake City on Feb. 17-19.2023.

Now let's jump into season expectations. We will start with two of this year's finalists GSW and Boston Celtics.
To be honest, it was hard to believe that these two teams will be this year's finalists, but they are, and respect that.
With amazing Curry and recovered Klay Thompson alongside Jordan Poole, we can expect good performance from GSW next year also. We will need to see who are they planning to sign and release but these three players will be the main ones for seasons to come.
On the other side, Boston Celtics surprise almost everyone. Jayson Tatum leads his team with amazing stats, we can expect the same from him during next season but I'm not sure will they be able to repeat this season again.

Lakers made a lot of mistakes during trades and free agency by signing the wrong players that cost the team leagues position and a spot in the playoffs. LeBron and his team will need to start rebuilding from scratch so they can be again on the top. We can not forget LeBron’s age, even tho he is playing like a youngun.

Denver with leagues two times in a row MVP Nikola Jokic will need to start thinking about how to help their best player by bringing good teammates. Jammal Murray will recover fully for next season and Michael Porter Jr. is a perspective player that has a bright future ahead but that’s not enough for a league title or even NBA Finals.

Milwaukee Bucks this year again will be title contenders with their “beast” Giannis Antetokounmpo. They are well covered in every position, so we can expect much from them during next season.

We can't afford not to say a word about Brooklin Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Phoneix Suns.
Luka Doncic will continue to lead Maverics almost single-handedly, hopefully, they will sign some help so amazing things can happen. Kyrie Irving will renew the contract and with his AllStar team will try what they failed to do a year ago.
Ja Morrant and ex-rookie and league All-Star will lead Memphis again this year, it’s hard to believe that they will manage big things but we can assure you that they will be anything then not interesting to watch.

And that’s about it when it comes to the upcoming season in the NBA, everything you need to do is grab the popcorn, relax and enjoy the flying circus, and don’t forget, NBA is where amazing happens.