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Eurovision 2019 Bookmakers

How to bet on Eurovision and make the evening more interesting

Some people love and some people hate it, but almost everyone watches the Eurovision song contest in the end. Eurovision songs are not made for those people with distinguished taste in music. Composers and performers around the world  are trying to create catchy melodies and simple, effective lyrics that are easily understandable also to people who can speak only basic English. But it’s fun in so many other ways.

There is more to Eurovision than just music. It’s a television spectacle, there is also the thrill of the competition and the feeling of all European nations united in something positive. Some like to watch choreographies, the dancers and inventive set designs. Some like to hear the diversity of sounds made by authentic or ancient instruments from less known folklore of some regions. Some like to debate politics and guess which country will get votes from their “friends” or neighbors. But still, all of this is not enough for everyone to be excited about it. So if you’re not a fan of Eurovision but all your friends will gather someplace  to watch, cheer, laugh and enjoy - you will also have to be there. Well, there is a way to make it more interesting even if you’re not a fan. You just have to discover how to bet on Eurovision song contest.

In the past few years it has become one of the most popular events for bookies. There are numerous ways to bet on Eurovision. Apart from the obvious guessing the winner, you can try to predict who will enter the final, reach top 4, top 5 and even be without a single point. Will the winning points record held by Alexander Rybak from 2009 be broken? Obviously there is a lot of numbers and so, a lot of combinations and possible ways to bet on Eurovision.


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