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F1 odds – Get the Best Odds at Formula One

Everything You Need To Know About Betting In Formula 1

As the biggest motorsport in the world, Formula 1 offers a lot of lucrative opportunities for betting enthusiasts. While it’s not as popular as football betting, there’s a fairly lower amount of variables to worry about, so it can often feel more satisfying. The adrenaline from watching close battles between drivers is like nothing else. It’s a purely exhilarating experience.

Types of Bets in F1

There are different types of bets you can wager on when it comes to F1. From the qualifying sessions to podium finishes, we’ve compiled some of the most popular ones to pay attention to.

To-Win Betting

Like with any other sports betting system, wagering on a winner is a core part of F1 betting and this time, you’ll need to choose the driver you expect to win a race. You can bet as much as you want on this driver, as long as you believe in the payout you’ll receive.

Driver Matchup Betting

This is a fun style of betting in Formula 1. Here, you can bet on two drivers head to head, deciding on the person that will come out on top during a race weekend. Only the performance of these two drivers will be highlighted.

Pole Position Betting

The driver with the fastest qualifying time in Q3 earns the pole position in Formula 1, particularly when they are not serving any grid-placement penalties. At the beginning of a race, the polesitter has the strongest advantage and he’s essentially the one to beat. Betting on the person that secures this position is exhilarating. It’s hard to tell who will get it, especially when a 100th of a second is used as a metric for distance these days.

Betting Odds for Formula 1

Odds in F1 are quite similar to the way they are in other sports. Like with football, a minus symbol denotes the underdog driver or constructor, and the drivers expected to have the winning metrics will get the favorable plus odds.

F1 odds are used as a way to measure probability, particularly whether or not you’ll get a payout. If you use plus odds, it will show how much you’ll win if you put in $100 for example. Meanwhile, minus odds show how much you’ll need to bet if you want to earn a $100 payout.

Best Strategies to adopt in F1 Betting

Betting in Formula 1 demands the use of good strategies. Biases won’t cut it in this type of system. It’s important to know the drivers, teams, tracks and conditions. By having the knowledge of how all these elements interact, you’ll have a better time crafting a good image of what to do.

Each track is different and every weekend poses a new challenge. If you’re watching a race on a street circuit, expect good results from a driver like Sergio Perez. Apply that principle according to what drivers have historically succeeded or failed with.

Be sure to watch practice and qualifying sessions to get the right idea of how a weekend will go.