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F1 odds – Get the Best Odds at Formula One

F1 2021

The Formula 1 – 2021 season was supposed to be one of the most interesting seasons, mostly due to all the changes of regulations proposed by the FIA. However, COVID-19 happened and it created a huge impact which resulted in the postponement of all the changes to 2022 season. Still, the next season holds a lot of peaks of interest for the fan as there have been quite a lot of dramatic turns of events in F1 2020 season.

Drivers’ seats:

There will be a lot of changes in the drivers’ seats for the upcoming season of Formula 1. Ferrari has faced a lot of criticism for ending his contract with 4-times world champion Sebastian Vettel, who will be joining Aston Martin F1 team in 2021. His Ferrari seat will be replaced by Carlos Sainz Jr who has been racing in the McLaren F1 team since 2019. Mercedes has been able to sign a late contract assuring Hamilton will be racing with them, who will be targeting his 7th championship in Formula 1. Daniel Ricciardo will be joining McLaren F1 team leaving the Renault. And Renault will be joined by their 2 times world champion Fernando Alonso, whose returning have fascinated F1 fans quite a lot.

New faces will be given opportunities along with the experienced professionals. Among them, the joining of Mick Schumacher in Haas F1 team has gained a lot of attentions, for the fans will be expecting him to carry the legacy of his father, Michael Schumacher. Along with him, Nikita Mazepin will also perform in his debut season in 2021. Both of them have replaced Roman Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen from their Haas F1 team seats.

Changes in FIA technical regulations:

The FIA has been trying to make Formula 1 more competitive, even though the teams have tried their ways to find the loopholes and take advantages. One of the most controversial of them was the DAS (Dual Axis Steering) system introduced by Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, which will be banned from 2021. The FIA will be forcing some changes to the barge board, the diffuser and other aerodynamic components to reduce downforce for about 10% to that of 2020 cars.

Safety measures:

Even though there were not any major accidents in 2020 so far until the Bahrain GP, the Formula 1 fans and spectators have witnessed one of the most horrendous accidents of F1 in recent times. The horrifying crash of Roman Grosjean has brought up a lot of questions to the existing safety regulations of the F1 motorsport. So, FIA will be giving a lot more effort to make this sport safer for the drivers.

Race calendar:

Until 2019, F1 fans from all over the world used to watch the sport starting from March up to December. In 2020, COVID-19 made some serious changes to the F1 calendar. There were 17 races which started from July, creating a lag of about 3 months compared to the usual F1 calendar. It was a tough decision to make, due to the conditions created by the pandemic. The FIA has decided to return to their usual routine and has published a provisional calendar for 2021 which had 23 races so far. If the calendar stays confirmed then it will be the longest Formula 1 calendar ever.

Race tracks:

The 2020 F1 calendar had 17 races in 12 countries, among which 3 tracks were used twice: The red bull ring in Austria, Silverstone in Great Britain and Sakhir in Bahrain. Moreover, old tracks were added newly to the calendar which offered great shows to the fans, specially the Istanbul park circuit of Turkish GP. These are going to create an impact on the track selections in 2021. Fans have been asking to bring back the old circuits for more interesting races..

According to the newly published 2021 calendar, 23 tracks were added including two new tracks in Netherlands and Saudi Arabia. There was supposed to be another new track to be added in Vietnam, which got postponed due to controversial issues.

The provisional 2021 calendar consists of twenty-three events:


Grand Prix


Race date


Australian Grand Prix




Bahrain Grand Prix


28 March


Chinese Grand Prix


11 April




25 April


Spanish Grand Prix


9 May


Monaco Grand Prix


23 May


Azerbaijan Grand Prix


6 June


Canadian Grand Prix


13 June


French Grand Prix


27 June


Austrian Grand Prix


4 July


British Grand Prix


18 July


Hungarian Grand Prix


1 August


Belgian Grand Prix


29 August


Dutch Grand Prix


5 September


Italian Grand Prix


12 September


Russian Grand Prix


26 September


Singapore Grand Prix


3 October


Japanese Grand Prix


10 October


United States Grand Prix


24 October


Mexico City Grand Prix


31 October


Brazilian Grand Prix




Saudi Arabian Grand Prix




Abu Dhabi Grand Prix