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American Football odds

American Football Betting Odds – American Soccer Odds Comparison & Useful Tips

Here we have American Soccer betting odds explained for you. Betting on American Soccer could prove really valuable if one knows how betting works in different leagues like the NFL. So, are you looking for the American Football betting odds as well? Then, give this article a read and get all the useful information related to American Soccer Odds. There are plenty of opportunities in American Soccer and a lot of tournaments are affiliated with American Soccer from NFL to Major Soccer League the betting market is fairly large.

How The Soccer Betting System Works?

Soccer attracts huge number of people from the America and that’s why bookmakers pay huge attention to the American Soccer. There are various betting systems available with which you can bet on American Soccer games.

The Spread or The Line Betting System

The betting market in US is no doubt huge and the most used method of betting on American Soccer is the Spread or Line method. In order to understand this method and how the things work in it. Check out the example below.

There is a match between Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys. You are betting on the Cowboys and the Cowboys will have to beat the spread. If the spread is 2.5, then Cowboys will have to win by points more than 2.5 and if they do then you will win the bet. This kind of betting brings more stability and competition to the betting and there is a 50-50 chance for both the sides to win.

Why Chose The Underdogs?

Well, no one wants to lose right? That’s why majority of the people bet on the favorite team. But betting on Underdogs come with a higher risk and whenever there is higher risk there is bigger opportunity as well. One more thing is the Spread betting factor as for the underdog’s sides this factor is around +7 in away and if compared to favorite sides this number is very high. So, betting on underdogs teams is a make or break thing but it can definitely make you rich.

2-way Betting with Money line

In this method, there is no room for draw and only win or lose situation counts. This betting depends upon on the outcome of the game. You can either bet on team A or team B to win.

The Betting Totals

This kind of betting is used in so many sports but in Soccer it is used in a pretty different manner. There is a margin set for the minimum goal scored in a game. The bookmakers set a total multiple of .25 because the scoring is minimal in soccer.

Here is an example to understand the method. Suppose that you bet on the over 2.25 goals and what it means is half of your bet is placed on “Over 2” and the other half on the “Over 2.5”. So, what does it mean? Well, you will get half of your money back if the game settles at 2 and if the game finishes on 3 then you will win both the bets as the game exceeded the limit of 2.25.