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Spain football odds

football in Spain

Football in Spain is not just an ordinary game. The Spanish Football League from its existence to today is known for the special style of play of the Spanish teams as well as the passionate fans who are constantly filling the stadiums. Football in Spain abounds with a number of rivalries that have a long history. Some of them are city derby matches, but others are between teams with different political views. The top of football in Spain is certainly el clasico. This match from year to year is becoming more and more widely watched around the world. It is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world.

During the league season, hundreds of thousands of people go to stadiums during the weekend to cheer up their teams and enjoy the championship that is considered one of the world's best because of the competitors for the trophy and quality players. Today the world’s best and most famous football players play in Spain, Leo Messi for FC Barcelona, Antoan Griezman for Atlético Madrid and many more football stars. Spanish football is so famous all over the world that a lot of people come from year to year to admire the Real Madrid trophies at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium or to see FC Barcelona Football stadium, biggest football stadium in Europe and one of the most visited attractions in Spain.