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Germany Football Odds

Tips & Odds for betting on German Bundesliga football game

Based on the recent statistics, betting on German sports witnessed a surge of 21% in 2019. A significant rise is expected in the year 2020 as well. The German Bundesliga football competition has succeeded in keeping the audience hooked throughout the game. The domestic competition is popular in the world and possession of some of the greatest betting markets. There are 18 teams who participate in the Bundesliga, and with player's outstanding performance, the game, as well as the betting, remains a thrilling experience throughout. Besides that, it tends to get rewarding too!

There are a lot of websites that allow the audience to bet, predict, and earn exciting rewards. While you are gearing up for the upcoming Bundesliga, we have a few tips for betting that might come in handy.

Top betting tips & predictions for German Bundesliga 2020:

  • There is only one likely winner out of the 18 teams who would be coming together for a tough competition. The statistics suggest the likely winner is going to be the same team that has managed to lift the Meisterschale in the last eight seasons. Do you want to guess? The team certainly is none other than the European champions, Bayern Munich.
  • There are strong predictions against Robert Lewandowski to outnumber the total goals in this season as well. In the last season, the player managed to bag over 50 goals. Quite a high number! However, it might be interesting to see if another player, Gerd Muller, improves his performance in this season as the last season witnessed him bagging 40 amazing goals.

A quick peek at the betting market:

  • Winner of the league

    A pretty simple bet to place on the team that you predict is likely to be the winner of the league, predicting either at the beginning of the game or during the season. Hopes are certainly high for Bayern Munich.

  • Top scorer

    Whoever manages to bag the maximum number of goals is a top scorer. You might want to consider our predictions mentioned above to place a closer bet.

  • Weekly accumulated payout

    There is a twist in the betting with bets being placed on multiple selections where all winning selections together create a boosted total winning payout.

  • Bet on the first goal scorer

    The most interesting type of bet is to predict who would be the first goal scorer as this is just the beginning of the game.

Bundesliga has gained considerable popularity in the modern era of online betting. Today, the game could reach international spectators as well through the online telecast. Whether you have been a fan or merely intrigued by the betting market of Bundesliga, the predictions mentioned above are sure to push you for a start. There are various sites you may stumble upon that are dedicated to betting in Bundesliga. It is better to know the betting market of any game before placing bets. Prior knowledge of the best players or the best team could work to your advantage.