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ABA odds – Get the Best Odds at ABA League

Who wins the ABA League 2020/2021?

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ABA League 2020/21

The decision not to continue the season in the EuroLeague and the EuroCup greatly affected the clubs of the ABA League and the league management decided to cancel last year's season.
So, the season will not have a champion, and there is no relegation from the league. The regional league will be expanded to 14 teams next season.
The two teams that will join are Borac and Split, based on their performance in the ABA 2 league.

The ABA League concluded that at this moment, it is crucial to direct all energy towards the organization of the 2020/21 season, which, given the specifics of the situation, will bring with it extremely great challenges.
The ABA League will start on October 3, two weeks after it was supposed to be played, while the start of ABA2 is scheduled for October 1.

The decision to cancel last season greatly affected team Partizan, because at the moment of cancellation they were 1st placed team in the league with guaranteed first spot in the playoffs.
Also, they were first in the Eurocup. There is no doubt that the club invested a lot of money in the team and coach Trinkieri. After many years they had a really good form and the chance to win the league was pretty good.
But after that, things started to go the wrong way.
This season they will start without coach Trinkieri, he decided to join Bayern Munich even tho he had one more year contract with Partizan. The new coach will be Vlado Scepanovic who was Trinkieri’s assistant coach.
Another huge blow for the team was Corry Walden who decided to join Partizan's fearless rival and the main contender for the league title, Crvena Zvezda. But things are not so bad in Partizan, they signed Codi Miller-McIntyre ( Cedevita Olimpia), Nemanja Dangubic who was ex Crvena Zvezda player and the newest addition to team big man Erick Mika.
We will see how the team will react to the hard days behind them.

On the other side of Belgrade, team Crvena Zvezda reconstructed their team with many big names from last season left the team. Billy Baron, Lorenzo Braun, James Gist, etc. left the team with not so well last season. This year, coach will be clubs legend Sasha Obradovic ( ex Monaco) who will try to bring fresh blood to this team.
The newest members to the club are Corry Walden, big man Landry Nnoko, Langston Hall playmaker, and maybe the biggest addition, an amazing guard who led Valencia to the championship, Jordan Loyd. Also, there will be some young guys from the affiliate team FMP.
No doubt that coach Obradovic will bring some new philosophy in the ABA league and Euroleague as well.

We covered two of the biggest contenders for the league title, but we can't forget other teams who can make upset.
Morna Bar invested a lot to this season, maybe the most since they are playing in the Aba league. Derek Needham, Jacob Pullen, and Nemanja Vranjes are well-known faces in Bar but with the addition of Milko Bjelica, Isaiah Whitehead, Dario Hunt, and Lance Harris there is no doubt that they will be pill hard to swallow.

A lot of problems with Mornar will have their neighbor club from country capital, Buducnost.
They did pretty decently last season, this year they have the same expectations but it will hard to keep step with Belgrade's two biggest teams. Justin Cobbs will lead this team with additions of Melvin Ejim, Dragan Apic, and Rashad Vaughn. With young domestic players, they will be worth following through the season alongside Mornar and Cedevita Olimpija.

If the situation with COVID 19 get’s better in the world, we can expect a very interesting season ahead, we hope fans get allowed inside of arenas too for full pleasure and tension.