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ABA League Odds

Who wins the ABA League 2019/2020?

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2019–20 ABA League First Division

The professional basketball league, which grew into one of the most successful basketball organizations under the sponsorship of NLB, will start their 19th season from September this year with the name ABA League First Division (previously known as ABA League, it was renamed to the ABA League First Division in 2017).

Adriatic League First Division (as part of the naming rights sponsorship was also known as the NLB League from 2006 to 2011 & as the Goodyear League from 2001 to 2006), as mentioned before is a top-level basketball league that originally featured clubs from the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia (not a part anymore) and Slovenia). The league is a private venture, founded in '01 and operated by Slovenian company Sidro until 2015, since than the league has been run by ABA League JTD (a Zagreb-based general partnership for organizing sports competitions).

The league coexists alongside scaled-down national leagues in each country. All of its clubs join their country's own competitions after the ABA League season has been completed. The Adriatic Basketball Association is the body that organizes the league and is a full member of ULEB and a voting member of the Euroleague board, so this league can be considered as a local version of the Europe-wide Euroleague, in which many ABA League clubs also compete.


Its format is mostly similar to other European leagues; the participating teams first play a double round-robin schedule with everyone playing each other 2 times for a total of twenty-two games. The top teams qualify for the playoffs.

From ‘02 through ‘04, 4 teams qualified, and the playoffs were termed the "Final Four"; starting in ‘05, 8 teams advanced to the "Final Eight" round. All playoff rounds consist of one-off knockout matches, unusual among European leagues. However, since all the teams play in domestic leagues at the same time, and many also play in the Euroleague, the current format has the virtue of limiting fixture congestion for the playoff sides.

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