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Triple J Hottest 100

Triple J Hottest 100 2017

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At the turn of every year we tend to look back at the achievements in arts, sports, science and world events. When it comes to art, music and film are usually most watch and commentated type of art at the end of the year. “Which movie topped the box office, who won the Grammy, who sold the greatest album” are frequently asked questions, but music has a great way to commemorate the events in the music world in the previous year.

Most radio channel and music television shows tend to have a run-down in the top 100 hits. Billboard is probably the most famous one, where the Hot 100 is considered the most relevant chart list in the world of entertainment. However, “down under” we also have a great Hot 100 chart that is hosted by the Australian radio channel Triple J.

Triple J Hottest 100 is the annual poll of this radio station that has been labeled as the world greatest music democracy, where the listeners choose the greatest hits from the previous year. The poll is being conducted about two weeks before the end of the year and the results are visible and presented on the Australia day in late January. Various top world artists have managed to clinch “the trophy” but overall the most wins went to Australian artists.

The contest, although being democratically as possible, is usually labeled as biased towards Australian music, with very few artists outside of Australia winning the competition. Foo Fighters are the sole American artists with the most appearances in the list, with the band appearing 22 times. The band’s leader Dave Grohl topped the charts twice, but both times with other groups – Nirvana in 1991 and Queens of the Stone Age in 2002.

The event last year managed to collect a total of 63 Australian artists, which broke the previous record of 59. In the 2017 Triple J hottest, Australian DJ and record producer Flume claimed the number one spot, with his record “Never be like you”, featuring the Canadian singer Kai. Flume managed to climb the Australian charts in the first quarter of 2016 and eventually won the title. He went on to have one more song in top 10, joining the list of very few artists that accomplished this feat. Australian win extended the longest winning streak for Australia, with domestic artists claiming wins since 2013.

Ed Sheeran is widely considered to be the main artist for the win in 2018. He has topped the Aussie charts from January to April and Australian run might come to an end. However, Triple J usually has its own ratings so it is not a guarantee for him to win this competition.