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Federal Basketball League odds – Get the Best Odds at BBL

Who wins the Federal Basketball League (BBL) 2020/2021?

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Federal Basketball League (BBL) 2020/2021 – A very special season

The current status

The corona virus ended the Federal Basketball League (BBL) in an unusual way last April. It was a situation for German basketball that had never happened before, time stood still. It was finally decided to end the season that had begun with a special final tournament without spectators in Munich – Alba Berlin, the team from the capital, won the deserved Corona championship title.

But what happens next? Ideally, those responsible plan to start the new season in November. But, how could it be otherwise, many questions are still open: Are spectators allowed to cheer for their stars in the arenas – and if so, how many? What hygiene concepts must the Bundesliga clubs present?

Much of this cannot yet be answered.

The Favourite

Let us first look at the sporting side. Even if Alba Berlin could not be defeated in the end, the team is not the absolute favourite for the title. The fact that the team from the German capital has won the final round is considered a small surprise – nevertheless, the Berliners should not be underestimated in the coming season. After all, the reigning champions are always hot candidates for the title.

If you're looking for the favourite, you look to the south. FC Bayern Munich want the next title, that's the claim. Over the past few years, they have developed into a real top team – but in the finals, the Bavarians were unable to show what they can actually do. The team made too many mistakes, so they will probably be even more motivated in the coming season to bring the title back to Munich and show all of Germany that FC Bayern can be successful not only through their footballers.

With Andrea Trinchieri they have provided a fresh impulse on the sidelines. The new coach of the Bavarian basketball team brings along competence, temperament and passion – and thus stands for things that the Munich team has been missing recently. Will everything get better with him?

Brose Baskets from Bamberg will probably be the biggest competitor. Between 2010 and 2017, they won the championship trophy seven times – last season, the team played much worse than they actually can. The EWE Baskets from Oldenburg and the MHP Giants from Ludwigsburg have outsider chances. But a lot has to go together for one of these two teams to win the title.

If the season is played regularly, FC Bayern Munich and the Brose Baskets from Bamberg will be playing for the title between themselves. The squad, the experience and the individual quality of these two teams is simply the best.

The field of participants

The competing teams remain largely the same. After the break, the league decided to do without relegates. So all the teams from last year will also be in the new season. However, because the Niners from Chemnitz have qualified regularly and can move up from the second division, not only 17 but 18 clubs will compete in the coming season.

The Polar Bears from Bremerhaven could have theoretically also been promoted, but decided against promotion, thus remaining in the second league.