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Better Betting Strategies For Basketball


Basketball is one of the most exciting sports in the world and there is so much that you bet on when you watch the game. Between all the points, the style of play and the excitement from the athletes, basketball is endlessly fun. We have the best tips on how to win your basketball bets at a higher percentage so you can walk away with some cash in your pocket while enjoying one of the most popular sports in the world. 

Different Basketball Bets

There are many different bets that you can partake in during a basketball game. There is the money line bet which is the most common bet in any sport and involves you just simply choosing the winner of a game. Then there is the point spread bet which means you will not only pick a team to win but also determine a spread of points in which a team will win a game by or lose and stay within that range by. There is also an over/under bet which is the total amount of points in a game and you choose whether the total will be higher or lower than the number that is determined. Of course, there are also a ton of great player prop bets which allow you to bet on a single players performance and determine whether you think a player will or will not accomplish a certain mark. If you’re lucky, you may even end up betting on one of the greatest games ever. 

Check the Travel Schedule

One way to win bets when placing wagers in basketball is to check out how that team has traveled so far that season. Many teams can struggle quite a bit on the road and many teams will go on long away trips. It is easy for you to determine who is and isn’t playing well on the road and then check out the tough matchups that a team may be playing in on a certain road trip. Those are games where you might want to look at betting against them. 

Who has a bad defense? 

This may seem like an odd thing to look at as you want to bet teams that are good but a bad defense means the other team will score quite a bit of points. And when a team is allowing a ton of points, it means you should be betting on the over. In the National Basketball Association, many teams do not put a huge emphasis on defense and that is where you can profit quite a bit. Take a look at the games where teams with bad defenses are playing teams with prolific scorers and it should be fairly easy to win a few bets by betting on the points. 

Injuries and Recent News

One sure fire way that you will lose money while betting on basketball is if you do not look at the injury report or keep up with team news. Many NBA players sit out games during the regular season, like Kawhi Leonard, to keep their legs fresh for the postseason and to stay healthy. If you are betting on a game with the Clippers in it, knowing that their star player is taking an off day is incredibly important when it comes to you winning your bet. In general, you should not be betting on games where you aren’t doing research and keeping up with what is happening with a team. Thankfully, guys like these players weren’t injured often and it showed. You need to stay up to date and keep the info a priority of yours to know. 


Stay Away from your Team

It is tempting to bet on your favorite team, we totally get it. You are already going to be watching the game and so it just marks sense to want to bet on the team that you know the most about and watch all the time. It’s similar to playing starburst slot, it’s engaging and fun and you can win a ton of money. But the issue is that you are probably going to bet with your heart and emotions rather than your head and cold-hard stats. That is a bad thing to do in games like that as you will always want to make the informed and educated decisions rather than just seeing that your favorite player is on the court and you want them to win. Betting on your own team can fog your decisions and make you lose sight of what you’re trying to do in a bet.