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Call of Duty League (CDL) 2020 - Winner

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Call of Duty League (CDL)

Call of Duty Fans all over the world are all hyped up for Call of Duty League. In the world of Call of Duty E-Sports, Call of Duty League is going to be the next big thing after Call of Duty World League. If you are a loyal fan of the Call of Duty franchise and want to get more information about Call of Duty League then, you are at the right place. First of all, let us look back at what Call of Duty is all about.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is not your every day first-person shooter game, it is much more! Call of Duty is seen by many as the best first-person shooter game and it deserves all the praise it gets! The first Call of Duty game came out all the way back in 2003 and this franchise is still as relevant as ever. The gun-fights are extremely intense in this game. The single-player campaign mode is one of the many strong suites of the Call of Duty series. Each addition to the franchise gives us a new exhilarating story-line, new weapons, new maps, etc. Be it Xbox, PlayStation or Windows, Call of duty is available across almost all platforms.

Call of Duty and The World of E-Sports:

Call of Duty is a huge part of the world of E-Sports. The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty is very intense. What really makes Call of Duty stand out is the diversity of modes. There are so many game-modes available to choose from and all of them are just as intense. One thing that I absolutely love about Call of Duty is that this game can be enjoyed equally by professional and casual players. The mechanics of the game are not very complex which makes the game very appealable for the people who have never played it before. At the same time, there is so much room for improvement that the game has just as much appeal for professional players as well. The diversity of guns is also nothing to laugh at! Every new addition to the franchise introduces newer guns and maps, and keeps the game just as fresh as ever.

Call of Duty League 2020:

Call of Duty League is going to be a huge thing for the Call of Duty E-Sports community. Call of Duty League was first announced in 2019 and fans have been hyped up for this league since. Call of Duty League is being organized by Activition. The league is going to be a global, city-based E-Sports league which will be composed of 12 professional teams. Each team in the league will host two “Home Series” weekend events in their respective markets in 2020, one in a spring split and a second in a summer split. Many different pro teams will compete at each Home Series event.

How The Tournament Will Work:

We have gotten all the information about how the CDL point system will work. Starting in Minneapolis all the teams will earn 10 CDL points for every match won. Each team will take part in 2 matches in the opening event. Second event will take place in London, Home Series Weekend event will feature 8 teams competing in tournament bracket play. The teams will be separated into 2 groups of 4. Teams will compete against each other until four teams have won two matches. The event winner between these 2 teams will be decided by putting them both into the single elimination bracket, with teams earning 10 points for each win. The event winners will also receive an extra 10 points.

Points for positions will be distributed in the following way:

1st Place - 50 Points.

2nd Place - 30 Points.

3rd Place - 20 Points.

4th Place - 20 points.

5th Place - 10 Points.

6th Place - 10 Points.

7th Place - 0 Points.

8th Place - 0 Points.

Tiebreakers will be determined according to the following aspects:

1. Teams’ Head-to-Head Match Win Percentage.

2. Teams’ Head-to-Head Game Win Percentage.

3. Teams’ Overall Game Win Percentage.

The top 8 teams will be determined by the CDL points and, they will qualify for the playoffs.

Four wild card teams will also advance and compete in a single-elimination bracket with two teams advancing. These two teams will advance from the wild card matches and face off against third and fourth overall seeds to start off, double-elimination bracket play. The top two seeds will be eliminated. The last two teams will compete for the Call of Duty League Championship.